Friday, September 12, 2014

“This will haunt Löfven ‘- Gothenburg Post

"This will haunt Löfven '- Gothenburg Post

“The dumbest Stefan Löfven could do,” writes Aftonbladet political commentator Lena Mellin on S-leader’s tirade against Annie Loof.

comments about Stefan Löfvens refusal to accept an energy report from the Centre Party leader Annie Loof, while giving her a gentle nudge has led many political pundits to excel at the keyboard.

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– It was the dumbest thing Stefan Löfven could do. To physically fend off Annie Loof looked like a textbook example of rule technology. He must regret it deeply, writes Lena Mellin in Aftonbladet.

Mellin continues:

– It was a middle-aged man who could not take the young woman wanted to give him a report. It was a party leader who could not fend off an unexpected development of the debate. It was a Stefan Löfven who simply could not behave.

Lotta Groening, columnist in the Express, is slightly milder in its conclusion.

– Perhaps lost Stefan Löfven his stardom in the interaction region tonight. Annie Loof got him to take to his arms and shoulder free. It was not a particularly good action from a prime ministerial candidate who built much of its credibility by reaching out to all parties. Where there was a – zero to Annie Loof, writes Groening.

Many sites have allowed rhetoric experts comment on the dispute between Löfven and Loof.

– I think it was a mistake that he pushed her away. It was not tactical. This will go down in history, says Lena Lid Falkman, rhetoric and leadership researcher at the Stockholm School of Expressen.

Birger Schlaug, debater and former spokesperson for (MP), analyze the event in SVT.

– There are too many party leaders debates, it becomes illegitimate and directed. It will be like a traveling theater company, he says in SVT’s morning sofa.

Political scientist Tommy Möller has been interviewed by TT.

– This is one thing that teaches return and haunt Löfven. We get to see replays on this many times, said Moller, who find Löfvens behavior is “strange.”

– Löfven has, although he questioned some of his election campaign effort, been very risk minimization, careful and controlling. Therefore seems this reaction particularly unexpected.

Moller emphasizes that there is a question whether Löfven pushed off Loof. He holds up his hand and waving away the report.

– He should have received it, put down the and continued to talk, says Tommy Möller.

Löfvens political opponents, thus Alliance representatives, rubbing his hands.

– So this to push their political opponents. Hardly worthy. Impertinent of Löfven, tweet the Moderate party secretary Kent Persson.

Not surprisingly gets Stefan Löfven support of some of his party colleagues. The MP Veronica Palm (S) defends his party leader.

– The Loof did in such an important debate was frivolous. Löfven trying to sort out an issue and then you do not want someone comes running with a paper. It is the youth graces, says Veronica Palm Expressen.

The Party Secretary Jämtin, chatting with readers at local newspapers via TT, downplaying the incident. “It shows how climate gets turned up a few days before an election, when something like this turns up in the newspapers. And when one is in the throes of a debate would be focused on the issues,” she writes.

But S -märkte political scientist Ulf Bjereld tweet: Maintains thatannieloof is the party leaders who developed their rhetoric best. Who knows, maybe she is sitting in a red-green government by 2015. “


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