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Ted Ekeroth leave the SD: “Partikultur not to say against” – Svenska Dagbladet

Ted and Kent Ekeroth. Photo: TT

Ted Ekeroth sitting in the municipal council in Lund, sweden for the SD, on Saturday, it was clear that he loses in the elections to the president and therefore he leaves the party, which, Expressen was the first to report.

"and with that I will leave the rest of the mission, and also does not run as a candidate for district board," writes Ekeroth in a post on Facebook on Saturday night.

Ted Ekeroth has been with the party in eleven years but has now decided to leave the missions, he writes.

"Policy, and my SD commitment, has, since admission in 2006, has become an integral part of who I am as a person. I have during these years found it difficult to see myself in a situation, in a life, without active involvement in the SD." he continues and observes:

"However, I have also realized that politics also brings out the worst in people, for me, quite unpleasant and boring lessons".

Ted Ekeroths brother Kent Ekeroth was previously SD’s rättspolitiske spokesperson is accused of assault after a much-publicized brawl in a tavern in Stockholm in the autumn. In connection with the indictment asked he of Jimmie Åkesson to take "timeout" from politics.

Ted Ekeroth has previously directed harsh criticism against the party leadership following an interview where Åkesson announced that he would be prepared to compromise on the issue of immigration. Then he wrote in a post on Facebook:

"I have for a long time noted a shift in the argumentation from the country in a more liberal direction. It has been going on for a while now. I am not opposed to talking with the others, but there is a risk that you lose the bearing if you are all too focused on reaching the government."

the latest post, he writes that the signals from the party leadership "is worrying" and that he "dislikes" the management ruled out the SDU.

"where not dare to put the foot down, say no, think differently? It is a huge problem in SD. Partikulturen is not to say receive. Partikulturen is that the nominating committee determines elections, not the members. Dislike to the nomination committee’s proposal and choose to work for other proposals, then you are haverist, kuppmakare and troublemaker."


17-year-old requested arrested for murder – financial times

Crime. A 17-year-old boy in Gävle has been requested in custody on probable grounds suspected of murder.

It was last Thursday morning that a 16-year-old boy was found dead on a cycle path. 17-year-old was arrested the same night after he went to the police.

Lawyer Agnetha Hillbom Tedeborg, who represents the suspect, do not want to comment 17-see her bold fashion approach to the suspicions.

Häktningsförhandlingen held on Sunday at 13, writes the Prosecutor’s office in a press release.



Cared for with life-threatening injuries after the shooting – Barometern-OT

Permits for the caretakers who were shot in central Malmö in the week is still serious.

– The latest I have is from yesterday evening. Then his condition is still life-threatening, ” says Thomas Nilsson, Region Skåne’s press office.

A 15-year-old boy sits arrested, on probable grounds suspected of murder. In the morning, to häktningsförhandling take place in Malmö district court.

the Janitor was the night of Wednesday out and salted the walkways in a residential area next to Pildammsparken, when he was shot. According to medieuppgifter he should have been hit by five shots from behind.

the 15-year-old was arrested just hours after the shooting, and denies the allegations. He is known by the police previously, but not convicted of any crime.


Five people stuck in voltad car – Göteborgs-Posten

Five people voltade with a car and an empty in a ditch. The people contacted myself for help from the car.

On Saturday morning voltade a car of the road in Kungsbacka, sweden and landed on the roof. Five people sat in the car and could first not get out themselves.

” We know that the car is on the roof. They have called from the car and need help, ” says Ulla Brehm, presstalesperson at the police in the Western region.

the Car should have ended up on the side and then slipped down into the ditch, and settled on the roof. When the emergency services arrived at the scene had all the passengers managed to get out of the car unharmed.

No other car should have been involved in the accident.


Three injured in fire – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Three people were injured when a fire broke out in an apartment in Trollhättan on Friday evening, writes GT.

— According to first data, we have at least two burn victims who breathed in the smoke, ” says Peter Gustafsson, internal command at the emergency services in Northern Älvsborg, to the newspaper.

The rökskadade person was taken by ambulance to the hospital, while the other two received minor injuries.

the Apartment that burned is located on the second floor and the stairwell rökfylldes. The emergency services managed to extinguish the fire which had no time to spread.

the Fire started in the apartment’s kitchen. At present there is no suspicion of a crime.


A arrested for triple murder in villa – Göteborgs-Posten

A man was arrested during Saturday morning on reasonable suspicion of murder after three men found dead in a villa in the south of sweden.

During Saturday morning arrested a man on reasonable suspicion of the murder of the three men who were found dead in a Villa in Skurup municipality, Skåne yesterday.

Police would not say if the man arrested in his absence, or give any more information about the deaths.

- It is a very fragile situation right now in the investigation and there are some circumstances that need to be explored further, ” says Kim Hild at the police in Skåne to the GP.

“In case there are suspicious circumstances which need to be sorted out and there is an ongoing investigation in order to clear out these,” writes the police on its website.

What happened to the police not to go into, and the event classified first as deaths with unclear circumstances. First, there was no suspicion of a crime and the police stated that they would knock on doors in the area to find out more.

the Police worked Friday to try to form an idea of what has occurred.

” We are working pretty wide now. To determine the cause of death is prio one, said Kim Hild to the GP on Friday.

on Friday, police announced on its website that the deceased would be brought to the forensic medicine for further investigation.


Friday, February 10, 2017

15-year-old requested arrested for attempted murder – the Express newspaper

the 15-year-old requested in the day in custody as a suspect for the attempted murder of the janitor who was shot at least five shots when he would salt the walkways and clear snow in Malmö, sweden.

Meanwhile, the divers look for a weapon in Pildammsparken.

Häktningsförhandlingen is held on the Saturday morning.

The coast guard divers continued on Friday to search in the dust in Pildammsparken, which is a heritage multi-family between Kronborgsvägen and Roskildevägen where the caretaker was shot.

A police dog handler tracked there and the police suspect that something thrown in the pond, most likely the weapon used in the attempted murder of the janitor.

Have life-threatening injuries

the Janitor was shot from behind with about five shots on the night against Wednesday when he came to a bostadsrättsfastighet at Pildammsparken in order to salt the walkways. He had parked the company car and would go to retrieve a machine.

He fled to a basement where he was found badly damaged. He is treated at a neurosurgical clinic in Lund. A bullet must have hit him in the neck.

– the Situation is unchanged. His injuries are still life-threatening, ” says Klas Andersson at Region Skåne’s press office.

Denies crime

After that the prosecutor Åsa Kristensson asked en15-year-old on probable grounds suspected of murder, she and police put the lid on the whole investigation. He was arrested early Wednesday morning, about six hours after the janitor of the shot. The police went into the apartment and broke down the front door and conducted a search.

the 15-year-old got in on Wednesday, a public defender, Sophie Palmgren Paulsson, and has been questioned along with her. 15-year-old denies the crime.

He has previously been in an investigation of car break-ins. He was then 14 years and was not indicted, because of their low age. An older comrade who was arrested at the same time convicted of one of the bilinbrottet but when 15-year-old was interrogated, he denied all the suspicions.

He is not previously convicted of any crime but according to the chief constable Stefan Sintéus moved in criminal circles.

Follow the development in the Kvällspostens app – download it free here: Iphone or Android.


Excluded sverigedemokrater forms new party – bbc Radio

the Commission is preparing right now the application

Gustav Kasselstrand and William Hahne on the way from SD meeting in the Old Town in Stockholm 2015. Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT

The excluded leaders of the sweden democrats youth league – William Hahne and Gustav Kasselstrand – has quietly formed a new party.

An application to register the chairman “Option for Sweden” has been submitted to The election authority.

Spring 2015 excluded a number of sverigedemokrater out of the party. Two of them were Gustav Kasselstrand, president of the youth league, the SDU, and William Hahne, vice president of SDU, and the chairman of The sweden democrats in Stockholm city.

They have damaged moderpartiet, said the party secretary Rickard Jomshof at a press conference.

Few months later decided the powers to exclude a further six people, all of which had links to the SDU, including Jessica Ohlson who has taken over as president of the youth league, and Adam Berg, vice chairman of the board.

Now aiming for the four to challenge his former moderparti in the upcoming elections. A couple of weeks ago, they contacted The election authority to register the new chairman “Option for Sweden”.

Registration related, according to the notification, the election to the city council in Stockholm and at a later stage the european parliament Elections and parliamentary elections”. The election authority is preparing right now the application.

Last Saturday invited Gustav Kasselstrand, William Hahne, Jessica Ohlson and Adam Berg to a mingelkväll, which, according to the invitation, “go to history”.

the Purpose – tells the guests that the Echo has talked with – was to present the new party for the invitees, who gathered in a local at Östermalm in Stockholm.

According to the task was about 80 people at the party, where The sweden democrats received criticism for being too kompromissvilliga in the migration.

What the new party should run for political affairs is reported to not be decided yet. However, the organizers shall, inter alia, to have criticized the feminist movement and highlighted by the defense.

the Echo has in vain searched the four initiators for an interview. When the Echo asks Gustav Kasselstrand if the party shall stand for election in 2018, he replies in a svårtytt text message; “I can neither confirm or deny, and even if I could confirm I would deny, so I acknowledge that I belie.”


Who is it that actually prevail in the debate about Peter Knight? – Nyheter24

A post on social media that describes a polismans reality and frustration spread.

It contains information that is not to the advantage of immigrant people from the middle east and north Africa. It formed a group in support of this police officer who gets the 130,000 members in two days. If children, the elderly and all other people without Facebook so it should reasonably amount to at least a couple of percent of all potential members.

Established media gets wind of the post (Aftonbladet, Expressen, SVT), and so is the debate started. Or yes, skendebatten in all cases. For what is a debate, which is nothing other than a debate about the debate? It is almost painful to see how predictable the debate around Peter Springares post on Facebook become.

Established media panic over the that someone can get a hearing for anything on social media that does not agree with how they want reality to be or which in any way could benefit the extreme right, and then do their best to undermine the credibility and denigrate the person and his sympathizers, to the extent possible, try to quell the sakdebatt that could possibly occur.

This is done in the usual way by addressing the post as "populism" and "racism" (Expressen wrote something in the style of "Rasiststödet of Peter Steed"). As usual, it goes almost immediately to become a matter of who is racist and not, what a cop may say, and not what the common man should say and not how you should talk and not, rather than somehow try to bring clarity in the Peter Steed claims or to address the problem in itself; it is to say that immigrants from the middle east and north Africa account for an unreasonably high proportion of all crime committed in Sweden today, or whether this is the case or not.

It is a common remark from invandringskritiker that this is not a topic you can talk about in Sweden (even if it has been changed for the better in the last year, then the problem as well as tvångsmatats down the throats of those who have not wanted to talk about it in the past) and it is a common counter-argument from the left that "there can be particular of, it is the only thing that is being discussed!".

And definitely, the substance is on the wallpaper, but I don’t think really that the latter understood the meaning of the statement, if they seriously think that it is the "immigration on the agenda or not," the critics when they claim that the substance is not going to talk about properly. Rather, it is how the debate is conducted and how damn inappropriate and identitetspräglad the is, which are perceived as problematic and frustrating.

Where is the debate on culturally conditioned phenomena? Where is the debate about islam’s compatibility with the Swedish society’s fundamental values at all, and where is the debate on what the consequences are for our society when the man receives hundreds of thousands of people who throughout their lives have been characterised by the values islam advocates, for example, with respect to the role of women in a marriage or in society at all?

the Answer is that the debate does not exist, and as soon as it is lifted, it becomes a skendebatt; a debate about the debate. It has once again become strikingly clear how incapable a large part of Sweden’s established journalists is to pursue a politically independent and informed debate, how colored they are by their own political beliefs, and how cowardly they are faced with responding to claims that they believe are incorrect.

a journalist at Aftonbladet takes prevail in how the situation looks like in Sweden’s neighbourhoods and suburbs, in front of a police officer who has worked 47 years in Örebro, with Vivalla as a shocking example of failed integration, as well as a bunch of other police officers who joined this facebook group and represent the same thing, looks more like a parody of their own political correctness than anything else. And it applies not only to him, whose name I will not mention, but for large parts of the whole journalist-Sweden; also one of Sweden’s most respectable journalists, Janne Josefsson, attested.

The political and, above all, the media elite, the ones that almost everyone seems to have fitted in the same form, have put all their eggs in one basket. I understand that it is a difficult blow to their pride when they taken such a clear political position on an issue, only to time after time forced to defend this stance against the perception of large parts of Sweden’s population.

But to admit you have been wrong, in whole or in part, is a much more respectable force than to continue to deny the obvious problems, and these problems of origin. To quote the words of a certain George Orwell; "The more a society operating from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it". It is so clear that it is what is happening here, now, in Sweden, today.

Fredrik Thool


Boy suspected of attempted murder requested custody – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

the Prosecutor has requested that the 15-year-old boy arrested for the attempted murder of a caretaker in Malmö to be detained, write Kvällsposten.

in Addition to the 15-year-old is no one else in custody for the attempted murder of the janitor, who skottskadades serious night on the Wednesday when he worked with snow removal in the residential area north of Pildammsparken. The janitor cared for are still at Skåne university hospital for life-threatening injuries.

According to the boy’s lawyer Sophie Palmgren Paulsson he denied the offence.

the Boy is on probable cause arrested suspected of attempted murder.


A large police operation is going on – ”felony” has been committed – Aftonbladet

Multiple polispatruller have jerked off to Ödåkra, Helsingborg.

An operation is in progress "by reason of a felony". But the matter to the police not to go into that.

– It is not something we go into at the moment, there will be an update, saying police presstalesperson Anna Göransson.

the Police should have been alerted to it to a location in Swords at 21.02. Why is still unclear, but several police units will be on the site and some form of bet going on.

– It is not something we go into at the moment, ” says the police presstalesperson Anna Göransson.

– We will update.

Is there a reason to warn people in the Swords?

– No, it does not.

According to the Helsingborgs Dagblad (hd), it must have been a shooting and a police helicopter will move across the area. SVT News sweden, Skåne has been given a task that it all unfolds in the shopping center Väla Centrum.

Text updated.


Fund started in memory of Rosling – Upsala nya Tidning

It is rosling’s two co-founder of the Gapminder foundation, his son Ola Rosling and the dissolution confirmed Anna Rosling Rönnlund, which now is starting the fund.

– The usual is to get a professorship in his name was named at the university. But he wanted us to find a format where other academics and researchers who have important knowledge about the world’s development – that the public needs to be able to – get the opportunity to leave the university to folkbilda, ” says Ola Rosling told the newspaper.

Hans rosling’s death, during the week received a lot of attention in the media, and Anna Rosling Rönnlund says that the heavy days are illuminated by everyone’s reactions to the news.

– It is terribly nice to read what people have written. For me it feels important to tell you that it is so insanely comforting to take this on. We need to be many to replace a person as His, and it is possible.

READ MORE: Hans Rosling is dead

READ MORE: So remember readers Hans Rosling

READ MORE: Want to see a Rosling-place in Uppsala, sweden

Task to pass on rosling’s heritage, according to Ola Rosling, above all, in spreading the knowledge of what he calls “a fact-based worldview”, and dispel myths about how the world looks.

– the Delusion that the world is two-pronged, that there are rich and poor countries, the idea that the world will be worse – many things will be better. The third [myth] is that the world’s population just increases and increases and nothing is done about it. But it is not – the number of births on this planet has stopped to increase.

in Addition to the planned fund has a fundraiser for UNICEF, established in Hans rosling’s name, which at the time of writing already received a little over one million.


Murder in Långshyttan no hate crime, Aftonbladet

It is fully understandable that some see the murder in Långshyttan as an ideologically motivated hate crimes.

But the truth is another.

Normally it is the racist conspiracy theorists who plague my inbox with their equally eternal as incorrect litanior to Aftonbladet and the other media consistently pixels migrants and to publish the name and picture of the ethnic swedes.

In recent times have some people with some form of vänstertillhörighet heard of and brought that effect about the murder in Långshyttan.

It is not strange. Several of the people who today were convicted of involvement in the murder participated on may 1 last year, in a demonstration in Borlänge, sweden, nazi Nordic resistance movement arranged against the “storfinans and folkförrädare”.

NMR, which the Fbi considered to be the extreme right-wing organization that constitutes the biggest threat against Sweden’s inner security, is a party through the revolution to create a pan-nordic national socialist republic.

the Organisation has also called for violence against LGBT people. And the thing is that Madeleine was transsexual.

fighting over money

Why tell ye not that the killers are nazis, and if the victim’s gender identity? some readers wondered. Why blinds you a hate crime?

the Answer is that these circumstances do not seem to have the offense to do. Whether in the solid, completed pre-trial investigation or during the trial, there have been data that suggest anything other than that fight over money triggered the ohyggligheten.

And then, there is no press ethical reasons to publish the details. If it moved, if a hate crime had ideological affiliation, and gender identity have been obvious to talk about, but then they in this context is immaterial, as was customary responsibility of the media to publish them.

It is the exact same reasoning as a publisher of ethnic and mediehusens association TU in an ongoing ad campaign defends.

That I now still account for Madeleine’s gender identity is rooted at the publisher and depends on a single thing: It had been difficult to explain how Aftonbladet has resonated in this case, but to do it.

Unusually cruel

then What is there to say about Falu tingsrätt dom? Four of the defendants receive severe punishment for murder, from 12 to 17 years of imprisonment, and two sentenced to 10 years in prison for being an accessory to murder, was expected.

To a bunch of fooling a man to a barbecue, strangle her, stab her again and again, and then dumps the body in a flooded gruvtag is unusually cruel.

the district Court finds that the offence is kriminologiskt uncommon: as many as eleven persons who have no links to organised crime and in some cases not even convicted previously prosecuted for as this serious crime is undeniably odd.

the Court notes, moreover, that the defendants “apparently, to some extent, have lived in society’s shadow side and had the common interest, inter alia, to intoxicate themselves”.

It is a correct conclusion. Interrogation is not a cheerful reading. Page-up and page-down on a bunch of that for days on end super and knarkar in the seedy apartments and is constantly on the lookout for money to finance the addiction.

Now is not the motif crucial for a conviction, but the district court notes that several of the defendants were guilty of the Madeleine, what in an environment like this may be considered to be significant sums of money, and felt embarrassed that she wanted them back.

She had for some months been living with two of the people who were included in the mordkomplotten and the investigation has shown that her economy quickly utarmades.

Abuse, disability and money

Madeleine had a sickness benefit from Norway and the insurance money from a destroyed by fire summer home and the “friends” took the time at the time the interest-free loans by her. In the three months disappeared, according to a friend close to 300 000 sek and it was then that she put a stop that mordplanen took shape.

Abuse. Mental handicap among several of the defendants. Money. Madeleine, like some of them, was “tough”. The pieces of the puzzle are available.

But to fully understand how so many could be involved in the planning and implementation of this an abomination crimes, it is hardly possible for an outsider.


Three dead found in a house in Skåne, sweden – Aftonbladet

Three people have been found dead in a villa in Skurup municipality.

a Few hours later, police announced it right now is no suspicion of a crime.

A private citizen alerted the police about the dead people in a villa in the Skurup the municipality and at 11 the time of day. The first information the police went out with was that the circumstances surrounding the deaths were unclear, and that it could not rule anything out.

According to police, the three dead persons.

– We have ordered the techniques to see if we can get out how these deaths have gone to, ” says Fredrik Bratt.

the Villa where the dead were found is cordoned. The police wanted during the day not to go out with ages and gender of the dead when the relatives are not informed.

Neighbors in the area say they were very surprised when they saw at the villa the police said. None of them [talked to has seen or heard anything strange in or around the villa the last time or in the night.

– You will be very surprised. It has not been in some parties where, in any case not more than in any other house, ” says one of the neighbors.

– It was not at all messy there, ” says another neighbor.

According to the residents in the area should only one person be a resident of the villa.

A neighbor was shocked when he heard what had happened.

– One can hardly believe that it is true.

Police stated at the 15-time via their home page that they do not currently suspect a crime.


Dead people found in the villa – Today’s News


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Female teacher suspected of raping a child – Expressen

I want to Expressen should be the magazine which is most generous with the rebuttal, corrections, and how we report any censure from the Press Council.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s ambition is clear. In our “Quality policy” switch, I wired it as published to be accurate. My first decision as editor-in-chief was to establish a fixed place in the magazine and on the site for corrections. But we are humans. Who make mistakes, get ripped off or rushed to carelessness. There are a few explanations to the errors in the media, but the excuse still not to the editorial staff of one exposure for publicitetsskada.

the Express newspaper is behind the “Ethical rules for press, radio and tv” formulated by the publicist club, the Swedish union of journalists, newspaper publishers, the Swedish Magazines, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Swedish educational Broadcasting company.

“the Rules are more of guidelines than a formal set of rules,” notes the Public press ombudsman (PO). What is good media ethics must be determined from case to case, and there is no exact answer. But it is good that the matter is discussed.

Expressen speak often and feel free to be clear, we inspect and we disclose; it is journalism that is not everyone will appreciate what we are telling them. If you believe you are a victim of a publicitetsskada is the fastest way to get redress, please contact us: e-mail to or call our nyhetsdesk on telephone: 08-738 30 00. But it is also possible to make a so-called PO-notification to get a pressetisk trial.


Teachers suspected of rough barnvåldtäkt – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Home A female teacher has been arrested in Gothenburg suspected of aggravated child rape. The offences must have happened in the summer.

the Woman, who is a teacher in Gothenburg, was arrested on Monday and is now in custody, writes Göteborgs-Posten. The suspicions relating to the abuse should have occurred in the summer. The police received notification in november and has since investigated the events.

the Principal of the school in Göteborg, where the woman working said to the GP that the mood is very upset however, that the events are not linked to her work.

— The information we received is that crime is not directed against anyone here, it has not had with the school’s business to do, stresses the principal.

the School has for that reason chosen not to inform the parents or students. However, there is evidence that the woman worked in other municipalities.

Yet the school has not decided how it will be with the woman’s employment at the school.

— No, this is still so new. But it is clear that it is serious. She is the custody, ” says the headmaster to the GP.

the Investigation led by the prosecutor Mats Ihlbom, can’t say much about the case.


Fatal train accident in Hallsberg, sweden – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

A 68-year-old man died after he was hit by a X2000 train in the vicinity of the belgian congo.

the Man, who lives in the vicinity of the scene of the accident, had been visiting an acquaintance when the accident occurred.

— He genade over the track to get to his residence and then came the X2000 and he was hit, ” says Peter Persson oow polisregion of sweden, to TT.

the Accident, which occurred at 19.30-the time, caused the train stops for a few hours.

— the Train has stood still for four hours with the reason of it here before it could continue its journey, ” says Persson.


Full house when the prime minister came to the Grängesberg – Sweden’s Radio

Full house when the prime minister came to the Grängesberg

Stefan Löfven speaks before the audience at Cassels

1 of 2

About 500 people had turned up to get the chance to ask the prime minister a question. Photo: Simon Gudmundsson

the Last stop on the government’s travel in the Valleys was Grängesberg. Hundreds came to hear Stefan Löfven promise to see to the whole country, not just the city.

the Visitors thronged to hear the prime minister and get the chance to ask him a question. Host for the evening was minister of defence Peter Hultqvist.

” It’s a good indication from the government and the prime minister’s page to see “all the land shall live”perspective, he said.

Prime minister himself held speech and answered a few questions as the audience prepared.

” It was a bit too short and it would be a little bit more questions. Main reason he’s coming is that the social democrats are losing here, ” says Erik Hellqvist who listened to Stefan Löfvens speech.


Löfven would listen, but he chose to talk”

Is it I or Stefan Löfven who has made the wrong?

Would not the prime minister make a tour in the countryside to talk to people?

He goes to Grängesberg, hooray I thought. Where can he find out why so many people feel marginalised.

Grängesberg is a locality where The sweden democrats got 27 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, and in skolvalet in the same year voted almost every other student in Parkskolan on the SD. Without a doubt, is the Grängesberg one of SD’s strongest fasteners. How is it possible, then, that the government chooses to make the politics of the journey? It is the social democrats, who invited to to listen in on Stefan Löfven in Cassels amazing concert hall, in addition, they require that people pre-notify their and in addition have the written questions from the audience. The first question comes from the SSU in the Valleys. The other questions are very accommodative. Then were thanked Stefan Löfven with red roses by alderman Leif Petersson for taking the time to go out in the country and answer questions.

But please, sweet employees to Stefan Löfven how do you intend to? The prime minister is in the heart of sweden’s Bergslagen district, in a locality that was declared dead already in 1989 by the state when LKAB laid down Grängesgruvan. The closure was brutal – a hard blow to the town. Grängesberg became known as a ghost town, "The boring hell of Grängesberg". The unemployment rate was a record high, as people moved, empty apartments were filled by refugees, racial tensions became common. The SD was strong, as well as the nazis, which is also available in Ludvika city council.

Grängesberg has been a living superb small thriving community. Grängesgruvan was the largest after the LKAB mine in Kiruna. This has the labor movement always has been strong. Gruvfacket, brukskulturen work in the mine that were handed down generation after generation. Today, many hope that the mine will rise again. Society to bring new life to the jobs will come back.

READ MORE: Stefan Löfven, world Almedalen in the summer

On the stage next, Stefan Löfven a poster on which was written: The Swedish model should be developed not settled. The words burned themselves into my heart. In Grängesberg in sweden was the Swedish model, but today it is dead. Many of Sweden’s prominent people levandegjorde it. From here, Villy Bergström, Bo Södersten, Bengt Dennis and entrepreneurs Jens Spendrup and Lars Ramqvist. Spendrups bryggerier is the largest employer in the day. Jens Spendrup has grown up in Grängesberg in sweden and attended school there and high school in Ludvika, sweden. I call him up to hear how he sees it:

– The main security that were on the places were the mill and the mines, but entrepernörsandan missing. When I married my first wife, we got 3000 dollars. We decided immediately to put the money in shares in Gränges. But when the mine was shut down plummeted the shares, and we had not a penny left. Then, when the local politicians are called to the counsels for the Grängesberg future, it was not the entrepreneurs of the place that was important, but then called the boys who have moved to Stockholm, home to provide advice, ” says Jens Spendrup. He believes that the "nånannanismen" is strong. The rescue must come from outside.

Entreprenörsskapet as Stefan Löfven called for in his speech is weak in mining, so also in Grängesberg. Stefan Löfven said that the entire country should live and that the forest is not growing in Stockholm. No, the forest does not grow there, and the prime minister should also have explained how it is that the benefits from the forest, the ports of Stockholm and that the jobs will be created in the city and not in rural areas.

What got Stefan Löfven actually from Grängesberg in addition to an armful of red roses? What about all those who already feel outside of society, who do not share Stefan Löfvens verklighetsbild, the people who he never even came close? He would listen, but he chose to speak. He spoke for the already saved. In riksmedia will reputation of Grängesbergsmötet to be that Stefan Löfven will not to the World. He has had enough of the conversation with the people!


Stipulated came to an end – the patient died in the ambulance – Västerbottens Folkblad

A patient who suffered from pulmonary edema and would be transported to Piteå älvdals hospital died in the ambulance, then the emergency oxygen ran out in the middle of reading.

Following a lex Maria notifications are now targeting the Inspection for health care (Ivo) criticism of the healthcare system in the Region of Norrbotten, type SVT Norrbotten. Among other things, considers the authority that the nursing staff must have sufficient knowledge to be able to calculate how much oxygen by CPAP-treatment (ventilatory support) in the ambulance.

Ivo also believes that it is noteworthy that it is documented that the emergency oxygen ran out. According to the authority now has the healthcare system in the Region of Norrbotten taken steps that no one shall die in the ambulance because of the syrgasbrist.


Suspected murder in Gävle, sweden – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

A dead man was found at 9 o’clock on a bike path in Gävle today, said the police. The incident is being investigated as a murder.

A passer-by who discovered the body also found blood at the scene, write the police on their website.

the Man was found deceased by paramedics on site. The victim’s identity is yet to be determined.


Bomb threats against trains in Gothenburg and Södertälje, sweden – Göteborgs-Posten

Trains in Gothenburg and Södertälje, sweden, have been stopped and had been cleared out because of bomb threats. National bombskyddet are now in place to examine the train in Gothenburg, sweden. – The threat is targeted against a specific train, ” says Ulla Brehm of the police.

A train on the way to Gothenburg central station and a train in Södertälje, sweden, have been dismantled because of a bomb threat. Police received information about the threats just before 14.00 on Thursday.

the Train in Gothenburg has been stopped a few hundred metres before the main train station and the police bombgrupp are now in place to examine the train. At the same time the clatter of the police helicopter in the air above the train, and a massive polispådrag is at the southern philippines train.

the Police presstalesperson Ulla Brehm said that police are investigating the train and trying to get clarity surrounding the circumstances around the situation. At 15.40-time had no suspicious object was found on the train in Gothenburg, sweden.

Hunting for the guilty

the Event is regarded by the police as a special event, which means that the police can ask for reinforcement from across the country.

” What we’re doing right is that we are on site and form an understanding and get information. The threat is targeted against a specific train, and not the Centre. The work to find out who is behind this threat are in time. The police have been doing research, ” says Ulla Brehm.

Ulla Brehm at the moment, no details regarding the threats against trains in Gothenburg and Södertälje, have no connection.

– But there is nothing we can rule out, ” she says.

Police have launched a preliminary investigation regarding the gross unlawful threat against the group after the threat.

According to witnesses, there are several ambulances on-site in the vicinity of the stopped train in Gothenburg.

Both the train station in Gothenburg and the train in Södertälje, sweden, is the MTR.

“Began to shake and cry”

Two of the passengers on the train in Gothenburg that was on the way to Gothenburg central station from Stockholm, sweden to tell the GP about the evacuation.

We sat in the train. They said that we had been bombhotade and that they would examine the train. We were not allowed to take our bags. We began to cry and shake. But not thinking about stuff like that happens a yourself, ” says one of the women.

Witnesses said GP to people in a panic ran out from Gothenburg central station by reason of the bombhotet. According to the staff at the central Station, there should not be any organized evacuation, but that it is about the people who on their own accord fled out of the station.

train service stopped

the Swedish transport administration states that the train traffic is stopped from and to the Gothenburg central station.

” the Police requested a stop in traffic and pulling trains at the station. Now we are sitting in a meeting and awaiting the police. – The traffic is completely still. 20 the train is stationary at the station, ” says the Swedish transport administration’s press officer Bengt Olsson.

Alli Pat is one of all travelers who were stranded at the Gothenburg central station.

” It feels legibly and boring if they are the scorpion. It is easy to thoughts far away. I don’t know when my train to Lund yesterday, and I am considering now that I have to take me there. Now, I have waited for almost two hours, ” says Alli Klapp.

Train in Södertälje, sweden evacuated after new bomb threat

Shortly after the train in Gothenburg bombhotades also received a train in Södertälje, sweden, a bomb threat. Several hundred people have been evacuated from the train.

” We have received a bomb threat against a train on the way to Stockholm. The train has stopped in Södertälje south and all passengers have been evacuated. Techniques are on the way and we will do a study, “says Sven-Erik Olsson, presstalesperson at the police in the Stockholm region and continues:

– It is yet unclear exactly where the train is standing in Södertälje, sweden, resigned from it, but it came from the south,” says Olsson.

Carina Skagerlind at the Police state that currently do not want to tell you how the threat to the station in Södertälje, sweden communicated.

the Technician is on site to investigate the train, we have established certain barriers in the vicinity of the site, says Skagerlind.

150 people evacuated

Åsa Elm is communications manager MTR running both trains in Gothenburg and Södertälje, sweden.

” We have evacuated the train, on the orders of the police. It’s about 150 people that have been dismantled.

How have these threats been delivered?

I can’t answer at the moment, ” says Åsa Elm.

the Chaos in the public transport

Västtrafik said that public transport in large parts of the city affected by the bombhotet in the vicinity of the main train Station.

– It will make quite a big impact. We’ve had to put on a lot of traffic in terms of both trams and buses, says Jens Holmberg on Västtrafik’s press service.

Holmberg tells the continued to several delays, is to wait.

” the Police have made the assessment that we still are able to run on Drottningtorget square, on the other hand, there are no trams on the fast track that runs next to the train track that runs by the side of the GP house. It has drawn on so that they go through Redbergsplatsen instead. The buses also go with the modified drive past the Centre. This of course means delays, both in tram and bus services, ” says Jens Holmberg.

Gathering around the Old Ullevi stadium

Around the Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg has several rescue teams gathered for the threats. The police stated that it will set up a meeting place outside of the arena with the reason of bombhotet against the train in Gothenburg, sweden.

Text to be updated.


Göran Eriksson: the Centre party is rushing in the new SvD/Sifo – highest figure in 26 years – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Centerpartiet has grown by over two percentage points since the Conservatives opened the door to The sweden democrats in the Swedish parliament and declared themselves will trap the government, with the SD’s support. Annie Lööf and the Centre party, said flatly no.

It is almost 30 years ago, the distance between the Centre party and the Swedish Conservatives were this small in a Sifomätning.

Photo: Donald Kallstrom

this is the measurement that Anna Kinberg Batra do not need.

The point that – at least in the short term – have the Conservatives gambit a new approach to The sweden democrats has been an own goal.

the SvD/Sifo has made an extra väljarbarometer to investigate the effects of the Conservatives positionsförändring, which led to the Alliance broke up in regeringsfrågan.

Measurement started just a few days after the M-move, and in the new väljarbarometern register with the Centre a statistically valid increase of 2.3 percentage points, compared with the ordinary väljarbarometern in January. The centre party may, 11.6 per cent in this measurement. It is the highest SvD/Sifo-figure of the party since the summer of 1990.

Photo: Donald Kallstrom

the Christian democratic party also increases significantly, but wind up with 3.9 per cent, still below the latch parliament.

In this poll – unlike in the January – Alliance is larger than the red and green, closing the gap is 1.9 percentage points. SD-critical voters have thus not – contrary to what the Socialists hoped – fled from the Alliance of blockgränsen.

the Conservatives decline is not statistically safe. But the party stops at 19.8 per cent and have not had this weak support in one measurement after the Alliance’s formation in the late summer of 2004 – at a meeting at the home of the Centerledaren Maud Olofsson in History.

It is worth noting that it was then the Moderates and the Centre party who were the engines in the bourgeois process of integration.

The new moderate party, moved towards the middle and the Centre party was on the way to the right – the rest is Swedish political samarbetshistoria.

In the present instead an intensifying power struggle between the two parties, and it has been played in public in recent weeks.

It was on Thursday, 19 January in the year of the M invited to the press conference with Anna Kinberg Batra, to talk about a few "Moderates priority issues".

Moderatledarens notice was that the party changed its mind, and now advocated that the Alliance should put forward a common budgetmotion as soon as possible.

It may not sound dramatic, but would make it possible for the SD to vote on the Alliance’s budgetmotion, just as in the autumn of 2014. Then it would have the support of a majority in the parliament, and thus would the government’s budget fall – and with it, in practice, the government Leaves.

so Far had the Christian democrats has been the only Alliansparti who advocated this, but now joined thus Moderates. Both parties are prepared to let a Alliansregering take over the government, even when the four bourgeois parties are smaller than the red and green.

neither the Liberals or the Centre party.

Photo: Donald Kallstrom

"Would the Alliance together with The sweden democrats in the current parliamentary mode trap the government we are giving the sweden democrats the opportunity to determine the agenda for how Sweden should be governed. It will not with the Centre to participate," wrote Annie Lööf in the SvD. And warned of political turmoil.

Anna Kinberg Batra took even a step on the where pressträffen when she declared that the Conservatives now wanted to "break the lock" with the SD in the riksdag, and can imagine to cooperate with the party in issues in the parliamentary committees. The line, she did not even bring KD.

There are several reasons to the Conservatives positionsförändringar – one of the most important is, of course, it opens up several possibilities for M to reach the government.

There has also been a pressure from below in the party – and many of the M-voters think it is right.

in Addition, M-management stressats of The centre party’s success in the public opinion, but also when voters assess party leaders. Annie Lööf enjoy higher confidence than Anna Kinberg Batra.

A side effect of the new line would – hoped M-management – be that the Centre party was challenged. It would be obvious for the voters to Annie Lööf not seriously – despite its harsh rhetoric – challenging the government Leaves. The moderate youth league, has summed up the message in a tweet: "In the Centre of Sweden controls the Stefan Löfven".

on Wednesday, wrote Anna Kinberg Batra, an op-ed piece with the title "M to that of the Alliance as soon as possible, a common budget". It looks like an attack on the government Löfven, but the target of course also an accusing finger against the Centre party and the Liberals.

It is possible that the effects as the Conservatives hope arise, in the longer term. Perhaps the growing pressure on the C and L to abandon the line that the SD should be isolated. Perhaps it is politically impossible for Annie Lööf – after a choice – contribute to Sweden is governed by social democrats, rather than Conservatives?

But the first few weeks after M took the big step is characterized by something else. The distance between C and M is now the 8.2 percentage points, and you get to make a time travel back to 1989 to find a Sifomätning where the Centre party was equal near.

Sweden was not in the EU, the Swedish economy was overheated, the unemployment rate was 1.5 per cent. Kjell-Olof Feldt was minister of finance in a crisis-ridden government. The öresund bridge was not built, Olof Johansson was Centerledare and Mona Sahlin, a political promise.

It was a different world, a different time.

But the Centre party has not been greater than the Conservatives since 1979, and the current M-management’s nervousness over the C’s success the last year, to an outsider perceived as excessive and verging on the comic.

this väljarbarometern suggests instead that nervousness may have been justified. Perhaps the Conservatives reasons to be afraid for the Centre?

Photo: Malin Hoelstad

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Arrested after more than two years on the run – Östgöta Correspondenten

It was on Monday that 29-year-old was arrested in a town in Skåne. He had been arrested in his absence for fraud since september last year.

– We have a special group within the police who work with to look for people who keep getting away with it. It was this group who found the man in southern sweden, ” says Mikael Månsson, officials qualified for bedrägeribrott at police in Östergötland.

According to police, the man has been wanted in the two and a half years. He is believed to have lived under a false identity.

– He absconded from a furlough when he was serving a prison sentence.

the 29-year-old, who has now been brought to Linköping for the interrogation, is suspected of several frauds. He is suspected of, inter alia, have cheated to a relatively large amount from one of Linköping.

– He would make a deal with the bells and managed to then deceive themselves about 70 000 sek, says Mikael Månsson.

the 29-year-old is being investigated for several similar crimes.

” We believe that he has been across the country. It is about more than ten cases of fraud which he is suspected of.

It is unclear what the position of the 29-year-old has to the allegations. A prosecutor will now consider whether the man will be remanded in custody.