Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mp Pia Hallström has died – bbc Radio

Pia Hallström sat in parliament for the moderate party, and there she was alternate member of the committee on justice and education. She also sat in the the Nordic council’s Swedish delegation. She was elected to parliament in 2010.

how to comment in värmland partikollegan Anders Knape news about Pia Hallströms death:

– of course, It is with great sadness that we react in such notice. The thoughts go of course to her family and her closest, but she had a lot left to do in politics and she had good conditions to be able to work with the issues she burned for. So it is very tragic, ” says Anders Knape.

Pia Hallström lived in Forshaga, but grew up in Karlstad. She worked as a high school teacher in chemistry and biology and as president of Frödingskolan, before she came into parliament.

To the issues that engaged her the most heard honour related violence, trafficking in human beings and crime prevention. Cross-border trade, and to do something for children in distress, was also the matters of the heart.

” My absolute primary concern is the children in distress. I have worked a lot with bullying in the school. I myself was a victim of bullying when I was in high school, so I know how it feels. Also, violence in close relationships, where there are children involved, I have been involved in, ” said Pia Hallström when she visited the P4 Värmland just before the election in 2014.

Pia Hallström is possible to ensure the closest of the husband and four children.

Pål Jonsson, who since a few weeks back is her substitute in the Swedish parliament, will take over the riksdagsplatsen.


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