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Aida fled war – now she is youngest Minister of Sweden – Aftonbladet

Aida fled war – now she is youngest Minister of Sweden – Aftonbladet

Aida Hadzialic was five years old when her family fled from the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

27 years old, she became Sweden’s youngest minister ever.

– The Swedish welfare model, which gave me and my family, new chances, made me a social democrat, she says.

One of the surprising names in Stefan Löfvens government is Aida Hadzialic.

She was up until a couple days ago councilor in Halmstad, a mission she got the age of 23.

Journey to the ministerial post began in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

– Overnight, we had to leave everything – house and home, family and friends, occupations and educational programs. Future plans were erased as soon as photographs burned. There we had left had scraped together to pay for the trip to Sweden, she wrote in a blog post.

Today, she does not remember much of that time, more than that “it was traumatic.”

In contrast, the Hadzialic that she felt the time was what eventually made her a social democrat.

Anna Lindh got her engaged

The family quickly got a home and parents work, even if there were careers in their professions.

Self she had to go to school – at no cost.

– I like refugee children could educate myself and then plug into a lawyer without my parents have to pay for me. It felt that the community invested in me, ‘she says.

– This meant that I was a Social Democrat and I now want to pay back and give others the chance I got. I believe in the idea.

After the murder of Anna Lindh decided Aida Hadzialic to get involved politically. She joined the SSU at age 16.

Aida Hadzialic went out Sannarp high school with top marks, so high that she could have chosen any of the world’s best universities.

– I actually had 41 credits from the International Baccalaureate, which means I could have applied for the Oxford and Cambridge who usually have 38 points of admission, she has said in an interview with Halland-Posten.

Super Talent

Lund University and became law program instead. She graduated in 2010 After the 2010 election she became mayor in his hometown of Halmstad.

Last year she ended up on place 10 on Publisher’s list of Sweden’s super talents in 2013.

In the 2014 election failed she a seat in parliament but was instead asked by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to become minister in the government.

She becomes secondary and ministerial education initiative.

The call came when she sat and ate breakfast with her boyfriend. From a hidden number.

– I thought, either it is a dealer, or could it possibly be Stefan. And that was it, it was overwhelming.

to become the youngest minister ever does not seem to be anything that scares Aida Hadzialic.

– I think it will go well. We have a great team, a great prime minister and I have been chosen by him because he has seen my skills and experience, he has chosen me, and then I think I should be able to deliver, she says.


In particular, she hopes to bring a younger generation’s perspective of politics. And she wants to work to make all schools good and to increase the matching as young educated for the jobs.

Do you have any skeletons in the closet?

– I’ve talked to Stefan Löfven thereof. He has said that he thinks I’m a genuine person he trusts. I told you about my background and who I am, I have no speeding but I might have a p-bot here and there.


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