Wednesday, August 13, 2014

100 new hours of sport at school – Västervikstidningen

100 new hours of sport at school – Västervikstidningen

It was an unfortunate decision made in the 90′s when the man pulled back the number of hours of sport. Now we adjust not only that but it extends further, says Minister for Education Jan Björklund.
Lf students are on the move so you know that they perform better on the theoretical lessons. In addition, we have a change of lifestyle that made that child moves less on themselves today.

Teachers National Association is supportive of the idea.

We know there is demand. It is helpful to the students’ needs to move can be arranged under the supervision of trained and qualified teachers in physical education, says Federal Chairman Bo Jansson, who believe that the proposal will lead to more pupils reach the topic objectives of the sport.

The 100 new hours are from what is called the student’s choice, which means that the change should not cost anything extra. The Agency will now have the task of implementing this in conjunction with the work of staging timetable. The change is expected to take effect in 2016.

The Social Democrats’ education political spokesperson Ibrahim Baylan welcomes the Government’s statement but is still critical.

I think the Minister of Education has too high expectations if he thinks that a little over one quarter more sport a week will improve results. I think it is important to increase the number of hours of sport, but I think it’s better if you concentrate these 100 hours for elementary school, says Izmir.


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