Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cold weather events can strike at Kalmar – 24Kalmar.see

20:39 – most of The households have received back the power. Left is 407 pieces in Mörbylånga municipality, and 354 in the Borgholm municipality.

20:10 – KLT announces that the bus services will again go on the öland bridge.

19:26 – SMHI has lifted the warnings for Jönköping and Kronoberg counties. So far, there is still a class 1 warning of heavy snowfall and strong winds in Kalmar but the winds are expected to subside until evening.

18:20 – A double-decker with Kalmarpassagerare should have driven off the road between Jämjö and Bergåsa on the way to Karlskrona.

the Wind took hold of the bus. Now we have got the jump on another bus but I’m still a little shaken up, ” says Ingela Furenbäck who was on the bus.

18:10 – the öland bridge is now open for vindkänsliga vehicle again will notify the police.

18:12 – Closer to 4 000 households are now power in Kalmar county. In Kalmar are less than 500 households in the southern parts of the region without electricity. In Mörbylånga municipality the figure has risen to 2 091. In Borgholm has 594 homes have suffered from power outages.

17:50 – According to a reader, a taxibuss have ended up in the ditch on the E22 at the exit of the Påryd.

17:30 – Öland’s households have been hit hard by the weather in the from of outage. Over 2 500 homes, was at 17:30 without electricity, according to the E. ON. They are working to the problems should be resolved at the latest at 21:00.

17:00 – the Weather and the limitations on the bridge has also affected traffic. In the afternoon there came in reports of queues both to and from the island of Öland. According to a road user, it took more than 90 minutes to get from the port of Kalmar to the bridge.

15:10 – the Police announce that the öland bridge off vindkänsliga vehicles such as buses and trucks. the KLT have also set all of the buses and wait for a confirmation from the police.

– Other traffic can be run but it is still off for vindkänsliga vehicle, says the police public relations officers.

11:30 – SMHI going out with a class 1-warning for heavy snowfall in the Kalmar county. Also for Öland issued a warning for very strong gusts of wind.

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