Thursday, February 9, 2017

Löfven would listen, but he chose to talk”

Is it I or Stefan Löfven who has made the wrong?

Would not the prime minister make a tour in the countryside to talk to people?

He goes to Grängesberg, hooray I thought. Where can he find out why so many people feel marginalised.

Grängesberg is a locality where The sweden democrats got 27 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, and in skolvalet in the same year voted almost every other student in Parkskolan on the SD. Without a doubt, is the Grängesberg one of SD’s strongest fasteners. How is it possible, then, that the government chooses to make the politics of the journey? It is the social democrats, who invited to to listen in on Stefan Löfven in Cassels amazing concert hall, in addition, they require that people pre-notify their and in addition have the written questions from the audience. The first question comes from the SSU in the Valleys. The other questions are very accommodative. Then were thanked Stefan Löfven with red roses by alderman Leif Petersson for taking the time to go out in the country and answer questions.

But please, sweet employees to Stefan Löfven how do you intend to? The prime minister is in the heart of sweden’s Bergslagen district, in a locality that was declared dead already in 1989 by the state when LKAB laid down Grängesgruvan. The closure was brutal – a hard blow to the town. Grängesberg became known as a ghost town, "The boring hell of Grängesberg". The unemployment rate was a record high, as people moved, empty apartments were filled by refugees, racial tensions became common. The SD was strong, as well as the nazis, which is also available in Ludvika city council.

Grängesberg has been a living superb small thriving community. Grängesgruvan was the largest after the LKAB mine in Kiruna. This has the labor movement always has been strong. Gruvfacket, brukskulturen work in the mine that were handed down generation after generation. Today, many hope that the mine will rise again. Society to bring new life to the jobs will come back.

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On the stage next, Stefan Löfven a poster on which was written: The Swedish model should be developed not settled. The words burned themselves into my heart. In Grängesberg in sweden was the Swedish model, but today it is dead. Many of Sweden’s prominent people levandegjorde it. From here, Villy Bergström, Bo Södersten, Bengt Dennis and entrepreneurs Jens Spendrup and Lars Ramqvist. Spendrups bryggerier is the largest employer in the day. Jens Spendrup has grown up in Grängesberg in sweden and attended school there and high school in Ludvika, sweden. I call him up to hear how he sees it:

– The main security that were on the places were the mill and the mines, but entrepernörsandan missing. When I married my first wife, we got 3000 dollars. We decided immediately to put the money in shares in Gränges. But when the mine was shut down plummeted the shares, and we had not a penny left. Then, when the local politicians are called to the counsels for the Grängesberg future, it was not the entrepreneurs of the place that was important, but then called the boys who have moved to Stockholm, home to provide advice, ” says Jens Spendrup. He believes that the "nånannanismen" is strong. The rescue must come from outside.

Entreprenörsskapet as Stefan Löfven called for in his speech is weak in mining, so also in Grängesberg. Stefan Löfven said that the entire country should live and that the forest is not growing in Stockholm. No, the forest does not grow there, and the prime minister should also have explained how it is that the benefits from the forest, the ports of Stockholm and that the jobs will be created in the city and not in rural areas.

What got Stefan Löfven actually from Grängesberg in addition to an armful of red roses? What about all those who already feel outside of society, who do not share Stefan Löfvens verklighetsbild, the people who he never even came close? He would listen, but he chose to speak. He spoke for the already saved. In riksmedia will reputation of Grängesbergsmötet to be that Stefan Löfven will not to the World. He has had enough of the conversation with the people!


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