Monday, February 6, 2017

Good man, convicted of sex crimes and embezzlement – Sveriges Radio

Arkivbild. Photo: Julia Forsberg/Sveriges Radio

A man in western Sweden who had the mission the good man being sentenced today for sexual harassment against a woman who he has represented.

the Man who in the past has had a strong position in the local community are judged by the Vänersborg district court for sexual molestation, gross misappropriation and falsification of documents.

The trustee has, among other things, forced a woman with cognitive disabilities to send scantily clad pictures of himself, in exchange for their own money. In addition, the trustee had embezzled about 170 000 sek from their clients, money that has gone to private expenditure as foot care, cat food and shoes.

the Man sentenced to prison for a year and four months. He shall also pay damages to four people, a total of over 130 000 sek.


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