Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stipulated came to an end – the patient died in the ambulance – Västerbottens Folkblad

A patient who suffered from pulmonary edema and would be transported to Piteå älvdals hospital died in the ambulance, then the emergency oxygen ran out in the middle of reading.

Following a lex Maria notifications are now targeting the Inspection for health care (Ivo) criticism of the healthcare system in the Region of Norrbotten, type SVT Norrbotten. Among other things, considers the authority that the nursing staff must have sufficient knowledge to be able to calculate how much oxygen by CPAP-treatment (ventilatory support) in the ambulance.

Ivo also believes that it is noteworthy that it is documented that the emergency oxygen ran out. According to the authority now has the healthcare system in the Region of Norrbotten taken steps that no one shall die in the ambulance because of the syrgasbrist.


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