Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Försvarsberedning must point out funding – financial times

Defense. The new the defense must not only be consistent if försvarssatsningar.

the Parties will also try to agree on how they should be paid.

– It is not impossible, but it is difficult, ” says chairman Björn von Sydow (S).

The new the defense held its first meeting on Wednesday. The goal is to present a security and defence policy report by 14 may 2019. It is to be a basis for the direction of defence policy 2021-2025.

The eight parties, according to the government’s directive not just try to agree on how the defense in the long term will be reinforced, but also how the gains are to be paid. The difficulties emerged already at the försvarsberedningens first press conference.


– About the Bear (von Sydow) goes to our proposals on the bidragssänkningar and other avskaffningar of some subsidies, then I think we can get very far, said the Conservatives försvarspolitiske spokesperson Hans Wallmark.

He describes finansieringskravet as the “a ok found on the cooling of the atmosphere in the room”.

the Liberals and Christian democrats want the defense budget doubled in the long term, which means approximately sek 90 billion. The centre party wants the defense budget from 2021 to be increased by eleven billion annually, equivalent to 1.3 percent of GDP.

Missing view

Liberal defence spokesperson Allan Widman don’t think the defense ultimately will live up to the government’s directive when it comes to account funding.

– this gang is as well as not qualified enough to make such assessments. Our focus is defense and security, ” he says.

– I don’t think it is possible for us to have such a overview of how we can move money from the school, from the treatment or something else.

Also, The sweden democrats want to see a doubling of the defence budget in the long term, among other things, to be able to afford a långräckviddigt forces and 200 gripen aircraft. SD’s försvarspolitiske spokesperson Mikael Jansson think that it is good that the parties are trying to agree on a funding already in the defense.

– It is difficult to get money in a budget, when you really should budget, ” he says.

“Not impossible”

Försvarsberedningens chairman, former defence minister Björn von Sydow, think it would be a very great advantage if the parties could agree on both försvarssatsningar and how they are to be paid.

– It is not impossible. It is difficult, but it is a very big advantage when we are dealing with a thing as aiming at a national consensus on how the military and civil defence must be strengthened, ” he says.

– I will add down force to achieve this.

Björn von Sydow stated that the defense already at the next turn of the year shall present an interim report on how totaltförsvaret, that is to say, even the civil defence forces, should be strengthened. Already then, the parties ‘ ability to agree on the funding to be tested.


the defense

Försvarsberedning consists of representatives from all eight parliamentary parties from the parliamentary defence, foreign and justitieutskott.

Chairman is the former minister of defence Björn von Sydow (S).

the final report should be completed by may 14, 2019.

A report on the defence should be finished by the end of 2017.

the defense should take a closer look at a few areas:

the Defense of the island

Krigsorganisationens and the military förmågans relevance

the Development of försvarsunderrättelseförmågan

The future platform for cyberförmågan in the armed Forces

the Development of international cooperation, with particular emphasis on how the cooperation with Finland can be developed.

Source: Government, TT



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