Friday, February 10, 2017

Three dead found in a house in Skåne, sweden – Aftonbladet

Three people have been found dead in a villa in Skurup municipality.

a Few hours later, police announced it right now is no suspicion of a crime.

A private citizen alerted the police about the dead people in a villa in the Skurup the municipality and at 11 the time of day. The first information the police went out with was that the circumstances surrounding the deaths were unclear, and that it could not rule anything out.

According to police, the three dead persons.

– We have ordered the techniques to see if we can get out how these deaths have gone to, ” says Fredrik Bratt.

the Villa where the dead were found is cordoned. The police wanted during the day not to go out with ages and gender of the dead when the relatives are not informed.

Neighbors in the area say they were very surprised when they saw at the villa the police said. None of them [talked to has seen or heard anything strange in or around the villa the last time or in the night.

– You will be very surprised. It has not been in some parties where, in any case not more than in any other house, ” says one of the neighbors.

– It was not at all messy there, ” says another neighbor.

According to the residents in the area should only one person be a resident of the villa.

A neighbor was shocked when he heard what had happened.

– One can hardly believe that it is true.

Police stated at the 15-time via their home page that they do not currently suspect a crime.


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