Friday, February 10, 2017

15-year-old requested arrested for attempted murder – the Express newspaper

the 15-year-old requested in the day in custody as a suspect for the attempted murder of the janitor who was shot at least five shots when he would salt the walkways and clear snow in Malmö, sweden.

Meanwhile, the divers look for a weapon in Pildammsparken.

Häktningsförhandlingen is held on the Saturday morning.

The coast guard divers continued on Friday to search in the dust in Pildammsparken, which is a heritage multi-family between Kronborgsvägen and Roskildevägen where the caretaker was shot.

A police dog handler tracked there and the police suspect that something thrown in the pond, most likely the weapon used in the attempted murder of the janitor.

Have life-threatening injuries

the Janitor was shot from behind with about five shots on the night against Wednesday when he came to a bostadsrättsfastighet at Pildammsparken in order to salt the walkways. He had parked the company car and would go to retrieve a machine.

He fled to a basement where he was found badly damaged. He is treated at a neurosurgical clinic in Lund. A bullet must have hit him in the neck.

– the Situation is unchanged. His injuries are still life-threatening, ” says Klas Andersson at Region Skåne’s press office.

Denies crime

After that the prosecutor Åsa Kristensson asked en15-year-old on probable grounds suspected of murder, she and police put the lid on the whole investigation. He was arrested early Wednesday morning, about six hours after the janitor of the shot. The police went into the apartment and broke down the front door and conducted a search.

the 15-year-old got in on Wednesday, a public defender, Sophie Palmgren Paulsson, and has been questioned along with her. 15-year-old denies the crime.

He has previously been in an investigation of car break-ins. He was then 14 years and was not indicted, because of their low age. An older comrade who was arrested at the same time convicted of one of the bilinbrottet but when 15-year-old was interrogated, he denied all the suspicions.

He is not previously convicted of any crime but according to the chief constable Stefan Sintéus moved in criminal circles.

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