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Chef of the year – a male settlement – financial times

Food. Over 230 finalists have made up for the title of chef of the Year through the years.

Only eleven of them have been women – and only one female chef has won the competition since its inception in 1983.

– They are not good enough yet to get to the final, ” says Hanna Halpern, ceo of chef of the Year.

the Winner of the chef of the Year 2017: a man. The name of the celebrity chef who wins the coveted title in the Malmö Arena, we get out in the afternoon, but it will be a male chef we know. All eight chefs today’s chef of the Year final are men, and so it has basically been year after year since its inception in 1983. A total of 236 finalists made up of the title through the years – only eleven women have been given the chance in a final.

– It is tradition. There are only ten percent women in the warm kitchen among the better restaurants in Sweden, ” says Hanna Halpern, TT.

Women over-represented

Tradition that women primarily choose to work on restaurangskolor, in the public sector or in the cold kitchens, says Halpern.

– But it is to be a change and we see it in the competition. Slowly but surely, it is the more and more women are competing and they are overrepresented among those who send in contributions. Around 13-15 of those who compete are the women, but it is well so that they are not good enough yet to get to the final. But it is at the time – about five years, I do not think that this question will be asked, ” says Hanna Halpern.

Around 110-120 chefs submit an entry to the contest every year. 40 of them go on to a first round where the chef gets to cook their recipe to a panel of judges, who appoint the 18 finalists.

– We do everything anonymously until the semi-finals. So the jury can’t be influenced if it is a man or woman who has cooked the dish, ” says Hanna Halpern.

“Large steps in career”

Still is Kristina Pettersson lonely woman to take home the chef of the Year (1988) – a title that opens up many doors for the win.

– Get many, it means that within a few years, maybe opening your own restaurant or business – it is a huge step in his career, ” says Hanna Halpern.


Eleven female finalists

chef of the Year has been settled since 1983, except for 1989 when no competition was held.

Kristina Pettersson (1988) is the sole woman to have won the competition.

a Total of 136 finalists – the number of finalists has varied between four and ten chefs – made up for the title. Only eleven of them have been women. Of the total of 34 finals has 26 been helmanliga.

Women who have reached the finals of chef of the Year: Monika Kallebäck (1983), Margareta Almlöw (1983), Kristina Pettersson (1987), Tova Bergstrand (1987), Kristina Pettersson, winner (1988), Kristina “Tina” Nordström (2000), Anna-Karin Kindmark (2001), Karin Andersson (2004), Anna Johansson (2009), Emma Erlandsson (2015), Saori Ichihara (2015).



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