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Hans Rosling is dead: “A strong voice” – financial times

Medicine and health. Professor Hans Rosling has died, 68 years old.

– It is a strong voice who provided us with a lot of facts, says prime minister Stefan Löfven.

Rosling, professor of international health at Karolinska institutet and he devoted their careers to global health problems.

Hans rosling’s daughter, Anna Rosling tells the TT to her father a year ago was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.

– He has been treated during this year. A few days ago it became worse, ” she says.

“Touched many people”

In an e-mail describing the family the last time:

“Early on the morning of Tuesday 7 February 2017 and died on Hans Rosling at the age of 68. His has in his life touched many people and he will leave a huge gap. A year ago diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer and thanks to treatment received a fine last year of his life. A few days ago, worsening his condition suddenly and he died in his sleep with his family at his side. His it is possible to ensure the closest of his wife Agneta Rosling and children Anna, Ola and Magnus with families, and his brother Mats Rosling with the family. We the family ask for continued to be shown consideration in this heavy moment, and any questions directed to the Karolinska institutet press office,” it says in the email.

“Extremely sad”

Hans Rosling was among other things one of the initiators of the msf Sverigesektion.

– It is extremely sad, he leaves behind is huge. His data collections within global health is so important, ” says Katrin Kisswani, president of Doctors without borders in Sweden, to TT.

She talks about how Rosling was behind the founding of the organization.

– There were in 1992, he arranged a meeting in Uppsala and started a discussion that led to that, we formed the following year. He inspired the founding of Doctors without borders.

He was all the time a very active member, ” she explains.

– He has made sure to keep global health high on the agenda, ” says Katrin Kisswani.

“A strong voice”

Prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) say that it is very sad to hear about rosling’s death.

– I have, like many others received part of his knowledge and his, not least, positive view of the world, ” says Löfven to TT.

– It is a strong voice who provided us with a lot of facts and a positive scenario, ” says Löfven who remember the energy, the enthusiasm, and the belief that it also made progress in the world.

“the Times of faktaresistens”

Helene Hellmark Knutsson (S), minister of research and higher education, call the rosling’s death for a loss.

– This is a big loss for Sweden and the world, with his pedagogical way to deliver his message. We will all miss him, not least now in the times of faktaresistens, ” she says to TT.

Hans Rosling has had a very high importance for Sweden, she thinks. Also for Sweden abroad.

– Both for their knowledge, and to show the importance of research. I regret his death and feel with his family, ” she says.


Hans Rosling

the Doctor and researcher Hans Rosling was born in 1948.

He earned his phd in 1986 and was, from 1999 professor of international health at Karolinska institutet.

in 1993, he was one of the initiators of the msf Sverigesektion.

He has worked a lot with issues of global health, global health issues, and how they can be linked to poverty.

Together with his son Ola Rosling and daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund, he co-founded in 2005, the Gapminder foundation. The foundation developed the software Trendalyzer, which later sold to Google, which is used to make statistics more understandable.

Rosling has made himself known for his lectures on global development.

He died 7 February 2017 after a period of illness of pancreatic cancer.

Hans Rosling was 68 years old.

Sources: an Encyclopedia, TT



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