Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A person is shot in Malmö, sweden – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden Just before two o’clock in the night the police alarms from several people that they heard gunfire in Malmö. When the police arrived at the scene found a man in middle age, hard a bullet injury. – He is the life-threatening damaged, says Russian staff at the hospital where the man cared for.

When the police came to the site in Malmö, sweden found the man difficult wounded by a gun shot outside an apartment building.

“He is brought by ambulance to the hospital shortly thereafter,” says Calle Persson, communicator at police in the southern region.

Police secretive

Police would not comment on the man’s skadeläge, or if he was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

“I don’t want to go into it,” says Calle Persson.

the Patrol on the spot commenced the examination of the witnesses after the shooting and began tracking with hundpatruller. The police have also blocked off a pond inside in Pildammsparken, where you are looking for any trails.
– It is the data in the investigation that led to that we have taken the action, ” says Stephan Söderholm, spokesperson at the police in the South region.

What is it you are looking for?
– I do not want to go into at the moment.

if you Have any suspect for the shooting?
– We are looking for a suspect.

At 9.30 o’clock on Wednesday morning were not arrested for the shooting by the police as headlining as attempt to murder, alternatively attempted manslaughter.

the Police technicians were in the morning on location at an area around the house, as being blocked, and carried out a technical investigation of the crime scene.

life-threatening injured

the university Hospital Mas in Malmö confirms in the morning that you received a bullet injury, and according to data from the emergency room, his condition can be life-threatening.

” We got a man with gunshot wounds, and he has life-threatening injuries, said staff at the hospital.

Police would not comment on how mature the man is, but confirms that it concerns a grown man in middle age.

Stephan Söderholm, he, too, communicator at police in the southern region, stated that the police are now working to identify the motive for the shooting.

Suspect you that the shooting is linked to the criminal gang environment in Malmö?

” It is premature to say anything about. We have started with the preliminary investigation regarding attempted murder, alternatively attempted manslaughter and if this is linked to what you mentioned or if it is something else I can’t answer than, ” says Stephan Söderholm.

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