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Bank stops withdrawals after bankkaos – Göteborgs-Posten

Gothenburg In Wednesday, the bank’s customers with a debit card to make withdrawals, even if the coverage is missing. People have, therefore, gathered at the atms in Gothenburg and Malmö. The police acknowledge what you perceive as a technical error on the part of Swedbank. – I am aware that people take out money, but we will not discuss the issue without referring to Swedbank, ” says Stefan Gustafsson, police spokesman in the West

A technical error on the part of the bank has made to their customers have been able to take out money, even if the coverage is missing on the card. Reports of such withdrawals to have come from Gothenburg and Malmö. The police spokesman in the West, Stefan Gustafsson, confirms that there has been unusual behavior at the atm’s in Gothenburg, sweden.

” I am aware that people take out the money, but we will not discuss the issue without referring to Swedbank. We have contacted Swedbank and they are aware that this is happening. There is not much we can do because it is technically wrong with them, ” he says.

Skåne hit

In the Region of Scania is the police on the spot at several atms in Malmö, in order to make sure that no unauthorized withdrawals are made.

” We got calls from people who thought that there seemed to be something strange with the atms. So we are out with a couple of patrols until we know what it depends on. We have not arrested anyone and no one is suspected of a crime. We are in contact with Swedbank to sort it out, ” says Fredrik Bratt, presstalesperson with the police in Skåne.

the Police in Malmö have sent out ordningspatruller guarding the Swedbank’s atms in the city.

-, We are monitoring the atm’s physical pending on that Swedbank should come with some kind of vengeance. We have had a number of withdrawals that we need to get out if they have been unfair or not. It would appear that there is anything criminal that has occurred so we want to try to prevent it, ” says Fredrik Bratt, presstalesperson on polisregion the South.

the Police in Malmö are also prepared to maintain the surveillance during the night while Swedbank is working to solve the problems.

- We have gone up in the opportunity to continue to work, we have prepared us in it, ” says Bratt.

Confirmed from Swedbank’s hold

Swedbank confirms that customers with debit cards have been able to make a withdrawal despite the fact that the coverage is missing on the account.

– As an extra precaution against it, we have stopped all the opportunities to take out money for our customers who have debit cards, ” says Claes Warrén, inc. Swedbank.

you Mean it’s not a problem for the customers who need to take out his own money?

” Yes, but we hope to be able to solve this during the night.

According to Claes Warrén, those who have the bank’s debit cards are not been able to withdraw unlimited amounts, but it is money up to a certain withdrawal limit.

“I can’t answer how high the limit is, but it is not some cheap,” he says.

Bankhaveriet depends on the measures that Swedbank conducted after clients over the past day had problems with online payments and atm withdrawals. The actions had the undesirable effect to withdrawals without coverage suddenly became possible, according to Claes Warrén. He points out that the bank’s conditions are absolutely clear, and that those who made the withdrawals without having coverage for it, will be required to pay back the money.

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