Thursday, February 2, 2017

Three arrested for bombs at several asylboenden – Expressen

nazi officials Viktor Melin detained suspected of allmänfarlig devastation after the attack on Syndikalistiskt forum. Now also suspected of attempts to allmänfarlig devastation regarding gaddafi that were found in Lilleby camping.

On Thursday, was arrested and detained a person suspected of attempted murder in connection with a homemade explosive device exploded next to a refugee residents at the beginning of January in Frölunda, says the Fbi.

He is also suspected for the other two incidents as part of the investigation led by the Fbi.

.January 5, detonated an explosive device outside of a refugee residents in Västra Frölunda.

A cleaner was seriously injured in the event and cared for is still in the hospital.

On Thursday, was arrested and detained a person suspected of attempted murder in connection with the incident, said the Fbi.

He suspected also for allmänfarlig destruction when it comes to sprängattentatet on the Upper Husargatan against Syndikalistiskt forum in november last year. He was also suspected of attempts to allmänfarlig destruction regarding the explosive device that was found at the Lilleby camping at the end of January

the nuclear explosions generated, has occurred with three-month intervals.

Already during the Wednesday arrested a person suspected of one of the incidents in Gothenburg, which are included in the Säpoledda the investigation – an explosive device was found next to the Lilleby camping in Torslanda, which is used as a mellanboende.

the Suspicions of connection has been strengthened

the Arrests took place, according to Sapo, in the north of Sweden and in connection with the persons arrested were made, searches.

Since the previous sitting Nazistledaren Viktor Melin arrested for allmänfarlig devastation after the attack against the Syndicalist forum. During Thursday served he is also suspected of attempts to allmänfarlig devastation regarding gaddafi that were found in Lilleby camping.

the Three events investigated by the Fbi, they write in a press release that suspicions about the three actions go together has been strengthened over the past few days and led to two people were arrested Wednesday each on Thursday.

the Fbi would not say whether the acts are politically motivated. Not subject to the acts to the Fbi speak about.

” There are details in the investigation covered by the confidentiality of preliminary investigation proceedings. The subject can we not go into at the moment, ” says Nina Odermalm Schei, press secretary at Säpo.

Sapo curt

Whether the two now under arrest and the men have a connection to the former detainee, Viktor Melin is unclear, then the Fbi does not want to speak about it.

” there are details in the investigation.

the Fbi would not comment on whether those arrested have any connection to the Nordic resistance movement. Nazistorganisationen as Viktor Melin belongs to, according to prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist at Riksenheten for national security, the view.

” We speak not about the individual details of an operational matter. We do not give out any assessments of the groupings. In this förundersökningarna we are investigating individuals suspected of a crime, ” says Nina Oderhalm Schei.

Försvarsdvokaten secretive

the GT has spoken with one of the leaders of the Nordic resistance so-called nationals in Gothenburg, sweden.

– There is no comment for such as you, ” he says.

Thomas Håkansson is a defense lawyer for one of the suspects in the investigation, a member of the Nordic resistance movement. But Håkansson want to not comment at all. Nor is it about his client’s attitude to the alleged crime.

” I can’t comment on anything at the moment.

The 23-year-old Viktor Melin, has previously organised actions in the Nordic resistance name. Among other things, could GT in February last year to reveal that he led a so-called trygghetsaktion on a bath house in Kungälv in nazistorganisationens name – despite the fact that he himself is convicted four times for assault. Over the past year, he has been one of the gruppcheferna for the Nordic resistance movement in Gothenburg, sweden.


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