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Heavy fire on the Volvofabrik – Göteborgs-Posten

40 firefighters from six fire stations fighting the fire at the volvo factory. IMAGE: Mikael Berglund

It is in the waterproofing at the Volvo Cars plant in Torslanda, which the fire has occurred. More specifically, it’s on the Volvo Safety Centre in Torslanda in Gothenburg. Image: Läsarbild.

the Fire started at the 16-time on Monday. PHOTO: Mikael Berglund

Heavy black smoke during the day vällt out from the factory. Läsarbild

press photo/Mikael Berglund.


Gothenburg Over 40 firefighters have been combating a severe fire in the Volvo Cars premises in Torslanda in Gothenburg. Heavy flames during the Monday afternoon knocked out in the factory and the black smoke has risen from the area. – We have used motorkapare to make a hole in the roof to get out brandgaserna, ” says Stefan Karlsson on the emergency services.

It was shortly before 16 o’clock on the Monday that the emergency services received the alarm that it had begun to burn in the Volvo Torslandas premises.

the Alarm caused a great räddningspådrag and a total worked 40 firefighters from six fire stations to fight the fire during the afternoon. The bet was demanding on the civil protection resources.

– We are there with a lot of people and will need much more resources, told the Rolf Kagelind, alarm & ledningsoperatör at the emergency services in the Storgöteborg.

Got to cut loose the roof

It is in the waterproofing to the premises of Volvo Cars safety center in Torslanda, which the fire originated.

” We are focusing right now on trying to limit the fire and are working from several different fronts. Smoke-fighting the fire from two fronts, from inside and we also try to put out the fire externally from our höjdfordon, said Stefan Karlsson.

In the context of fighting the fire was the emergency cut-up parts of the roof at the factory.

– We have used motorkapare to make a hole in the roof to get out brandgaserna formed, ” says Stefan Karlsson.

Shortly after 17: 00 said Volvo Cars on Twitter that the fire was under control and that there was no risk that the fire would spread to the other premises.

“Thats a lot here”

Stellan Andersson is brandtekniker at Volvo Torslanda. Shortly after the testimonies he heavy flames inside the factory.

– It burns a lot here. I have a hard time talking, we keep on to put out the fire. Several stations are in place here now, it has taken off substantially in our krockcenter, there is a fire in the ceiling, told Stellan Andersson, brandtekniker on the Volvo Torslanda few minutes after the fire started.

Volvo Cars said on Twitter that the fire in the krocktestanläggningen not affected the production at the Volvo Cars factories in Torslanda.

the Great fire: “A distance of 30 metres”

the Emergency services still no idea what started the fire, but no person shall be damaged in connection with the incident.

At 19, the time was the fire extinguished, and the greater part of the räddningspådraget had turned home. On site, there was left a 10 digit firefighters who worked.

” the Fire is extinguished, but we will remain in a number of hours. Now we are working with the control and masking to ensure that there are no glödhärdar left, ” says Johan Helsing, insatsledare at the emergency services.

According to him, it is a large area of the building that have eldhärjats.

– It moves well on a stretch of 30 metres at the building that have been affected, ” he says.

most had 45 firefighters on site and over the six stations was engaged.

– Two hours we got to hold on before we got any positive effect. It burned pretty badly, especially on the outside and on some parts of the structure, ” says Johan Helsing.

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