Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ted Ekeroth leave the SD: “Partikultur not to say against” – Svenska Dagbladet

Ted and Kent Ekeroth. Photo: TT

Ted Ekeroth sitting in the municipal council in Lund, sweden for the SD, on Saturday, it was clear that he loses in the elections to the president and therefore he leaves the party, which, Expressen was the first to report.

"and with that I will leave the rest of the mission, and also does not run as a candidate for district board," writes Ekeroth in a post on Facebook on Saturday night.

Ted Ekeroth has been with the party in eleven years but has now decided to leave the missions, he writes.

"Policy, and my SD commitment, has, since admission in 2006, has become an integral part of who I am as a person. I have during these years found it difficult to see myself in a situation, in a life, without active involvement in the SD." he continues and observes:

"However, I have also realized that politics also brings out the worst in people, for me, quite unpleasant and boring lessons".

Ted Ekeroths brother Kent Ekeroth was previously SD’s rättspolitiske spokesperson is accused of assault after a much-publicized brawl in a tavern in Stockholm in the autumn. In connection with the indictment asked he of Jimmie Åkesson to take "timeout" from politics.

Ted Ekeroth has previously directed harsh criticism against the party leadership following an interview where Åkesson announced that he would be prepared to compromise on the issue of immigration. Then he wrote in a post on Facebook:

"I have for a long time noted a shift in the argumentation from the country in a more liberal direction. It has been going on for a while now. I am not opposed to talking with the others, but there is a risk that you lose the bearing if you are all too focused on reaching the government."

the latest post, he writes that the signals from the party leadership "is worrying" and that he "dislikes" the management ruled out the SDU.

"where not dare to put the foot down, say no, think differently? It is a huge problem in SD. Partikulturen is not to say receive. Partikulturen is that the nominating committee determines elections, not the members. Dislike to the nomination committee’s proposal and choose to work for other proposals, then you are haverist, kuppmakare and troublemaker."


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