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Kent Ekeroth is being prosecuted for assault – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden Kent Ekeroth is now charged with assault after an incident in a krogkö in november 2016, when he is reported to have struck a person in the face. – He comes to me, in a uppkäftigt way, and put any comment, take hold of me and turn to me, says the plaintiff in the questioning.

Ekeroth was denied entry to a nightclub at Stureplan in Stockholm, sweden, 24 november. He ended up then in a fight with another man in krogkön and should have hit him in the face.

the Prosecutor filed their lawsuit today, Friday. The evidence consists mainly of testimony. The plaintiff states that he had seen Ekeroth stand and argue with the guards, who had not released him.

“He passed me, and so I added a comment in the style of, “it was fun with järnrören”, whereupon he then comes up to me, on a uppkäftigt way, and put any comment, take hold of me and turn me on, in your face,” says the plaintiff in the interrogation with the police.

the Bodyguards testimonials

one of the Ekeroths bodyguards testimonies to tell about their observations from the evening.

“Behind me, I hear..a kind sounded like an open hand. I turn directly about and then I see how Ekeroth on the outside of this fence, as well as turning away and a guy in the queue, shouting and angry. I don’t know then if he has beaten Ekeroth, or if it is on the contrary. So I grab him and tear him away from this kravallstaketet to see if he should be or what should be done. Then he says to me, “he hit me” that I identify myself as a police officer.”, he says in the interrogation.

Ekeroth himself has previously said he acted in self-defense and tried to brush off a person who had attacked him, and shouted taunts at him. In addition to the testimony using the prosecutor of the monitoring materials from the club’s cameras.

Entrévärden denied the Ekeroths the company’s entry stated that they found it difficult to take no for an answer. They should also have tried to pay “under the table” to get in, according to the guard.

They reported to have been denied entry on the basis of fill and that they were not on the krogens list. He told me further, that Ekeroth had been aggressive even after the event.

“I just tried to get him away from the rest also. But when I do it so he goes against me. I am afraid that he is going to raise his hand more than what he did…but he didn’t.”

Ygeman: Very serious

Interior minister Anders Ygeman told TT that he was difficult to see that Ekeroth would be left if he is convicted of assault.

– It is not only a member of parliament without a rättspolitisk spokesperson and thus a justitieministerkandidat which now becomes the subject of judicial review for abuse. And of course, it is very, very serious. I can’t remind me that it happened any time previously in american history, ” says Ygeman to TT.

take time out

Today, left the prosecutor Lena Kastlund at the Special prosecution office filed a lawsuit claiming Ekeroth to the Stockholm district court.

Previously Kent Ekeroth on Jimmie Åkessons call taken time out from his mission in the justitieutskott.

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Aftonbladet has earlier talked with Daniel who is reported to have received a blow of the SD politician.

” He wanted to get into, but was denied by the guards. He went out of the queue and passed me. I met his gaze and said something in style with: "did you have fun with järnrören?", says Daniel to Aftonbladet.

“Järnrörsskandalen” came to light in the autumn of 2012, after Expressen published a film from a festnatt in Stockholm in 2010, where, among others, Erik Almqvist and Kent Ekeroth stated sexist and racist, armed with iron pipes. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson said that the SD’s zero tolerance policy meant that it was unacceptable. Almqvist had to leave the assignments in SD and was invited to consider its riksdagsplats.

Kriminalprofessorn Leif GW Persson has previously in a section of the program of the Week crime said that Ekerot can be judged, especially given that he had previously been in trouble.

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