Monday, February 6, 2017

Three injured in knivbråk – 40 boys involved – Expressen

the Three boys have been hospitalized after a knivbråk in the centre of Gothenburg.

According to the police, to 30 to 40 boys involved in the fight.

“I saw a guy lying bleeding on the ground,” says a witness.

the 17-time to the police in an alarm if the brawl at Lilla Bommen, which is located next to the shopping centre Nordstan in central Gothenburg. According to the police, so, 30 to 40 young men remained at the site.

” We don’t know if all of these have been involved in some way or if they are just witnesses. It is there we must try to sort out, ” says Stefan Gustafsson.

A witness to the fight saw one of the injured youngsters after the fight:

” I saw a guy lying bleeding on the ground, at the stop. Police cars and ambulances came. Then ran it in the way the two guys and I thought one of them had on a white jacket, ” says the witness.

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When police and an ambulance arrived at the scene as had the people involved fled from the scene – many of them to Nordstan.

– the Police, knowing it is the grouping is, of course, that they are staying at Lilla Bommen when the weather allows, and when the weather does not permit, they are in the Water. Citypolisen often have problems with this grouping.

Serious injuries

Shortly after the alarms so anträffades a damaged young man on the spot – according to the police, you are probably dealing with serious injuries. Additional a boy at the age of 15 were found some time later in the area, and he has also brought to the hospital. Skadeläget for him is unclear.

– Have you used the knife so it can be everything from a scratching to very serious injuries, ” says Stefan Gustafsson.

do you Know that there are knives involved?

- It has been used sharp objects of any kind in all cases, it is close at hand to believe that it is a knife. It is the data we have received from witnesses who had travelled past in the public transport.

aggravated assault

preliminary Investigation by the appellation aggravated assault has been launched. The police currently have no clear picture of what happened and who may be suspect in the current situation.

There was early information on the more damaged young man who ran towards Nordstan. At 18.20-time message to the police that a third boy found damaged.

“one more person has been hospitalized, therefore,” says Stefan Gustafsson.

Police are now working to find out what has happened on the site.

– in The case of a large group of young men or “guys”. It is a difficult situation for us because the people who are witness to this not particularly interested in talking with us. At the moment we do not know who is victim and suspects.

No person is currently arrested.


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