Thursday, February 2, 2017

One dead and one injured after gunfire – Expressen

Eleven people were taken in for questioning after the murder and attempted murder in Cary.

the Two of them were arrested later as a suspect.

at the same time shows the pictures in Expressen how three mörklädda people running from the scene immediately after the shooting

Now go polisjakten after more involved:

– It can render in any further – both a to and more, ” says the police presstalesperson Lars Byström on Thursday morning.

the Murder and attempted murder occurred on Wednesday in the stockholm suburb of Skärholmen. The alarm about the shooting came in to police and emergency at 15.05 on eftermissagen.

According to information provided to Aftonbladet, the two shot the people traveling in the same car when they were exposed to gunfire. But they must have found a piece of each other – one of them in a crashed car and another in a residential area a little further away, according to Aftonbladet.

the Police have not wanted to comment on the data.

– When it comes to the details, we leave no information right now, ” said Lars Byström, presstalesperson at the Police, on Wednesday.

the Event can be classified, after one of those shot died, including murder and attempt to murder.

– the State of the second victim is still serious, said Christer Holmer, stationsbefäl in Flemingsberg just before the four night on Thursday.

After the bloody drama was the whole of the eleven people in for questioning. The two of them, two men were arrested later as suspected of involvement in the morddramat.

Witness: Saw how the car crashed

Expressen has spoken to a witness who passed the scene of the crime shortly after the two persons were shot down. She describes how a car crashed up on a refug between the passageways.

She saw the driver lying lifeless in the car.

” It must have been only a minute after it happened. It was just a car stopped and a girl was moving back against him, ” says the witness.

about half An hour later passed her place again:

Then there were lots of police officers everywhere – polishelikoptrar and piketbilar.

At 16:20 updated police information about the event:

“There are, call witnesses, and outreach. Hundpatruller are also available on site and inventoried if there are cameras in the area.”, writes the police.

Witness: People started CPR

A witness that Expressen has been in contact with the saw three people, who she perceived as men run from the scene shortly after the incident. She caught the three people in the picture, all dark face. On the image also seen a person on the walk, which ended up in the middle of the drama.

” I heard the shooting and ran out on the balcony. I heard approximately ten shots in the incoherent pace, at first I thought it was firecrackers, ” she says.

On a lawn in a residential area of low when one of the shot persons, a young man in the 20 – to 25-year-olds.

” People started cpr until the ambulance came. People cried and it was panic, it felt like being in a film, has the witness told us.

Eleven people at interviews

On Thursday morning, they were two people who initially arrested as suspects, remain in the polisarresten.

do you Know how they feel about this accusation?

” No, I have not even been inside and looked at. It does give out eventually, ” says Lars Byström early in the morning.

At the side of interviews with the two suspects, there is an active search for more people involved. It does not rule out more arrests in the near future.

– It can render in any further – both a to and more. We do not exclude that there are more who will be arrested. But the two arrests are a good start.

Is there any weapons seized?

” Not what I know. Since we usually rarely comment on any fittings.

How many searches have been carried out?

” I haven’t counted, but I know there were a few during a hard.


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