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The Swedish migration board tracks more asylum seekers – Aftonbladet

Policy. Any more asylum seekers are expected to Sweden in the year compared with last year. And the figure is expected to rise in the coming years, according to the Swedish Migration board’s new forecast. The piece warns of increased uncertainty already during the autumn.

34 700 people expected to seek asylum in Sweden this year, which is 2 000 fewer than in the Swedish Migration board’s autumn forecast. But it means there is still an increase compared with the 29 000 people who actually applied for asylum in the previous year.

When prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) spoke in front of large crowds in a shopping centre in Skövde, he took up the migration policy, and said, without directly commenting on the new figures, that receipt now is possible to manage.

– We had a dramatic situation in 2015, but now we have turned it and now it is far fewer who migrate to Sweden, said Löfven.

He spoke about have been having to take “tough” but necessary decisions on tightening the rules.

– We have not built any wall, but now we have a reception that is sustainable in the long term, more countries need to take responsibility. But the buck does not stop there, those who have a no need to return, stressed the prime minister.

the Swedish migration board sees the need to make more decisions about yes or no to a residence permit as the most difficult challenge during the year. The work underlines that the uncertainty in the forecast is big on how many that can be assumed to seek asylum, it may be 10 000 more or fewer than 34 700.


– Above all, it is about the agreement between the EU and Turkey. Will it continue? Here are some ambiguities. Since it is also the case that we expect our border controls will cease in november, and with that you can only grant border controls, for two years, ” says Veronika Lindstrand Kant, chief operating officer at the Swedish migration board.

migration Minister Morgan Johansson is not particularly concerned.

– the EU will not allow the uncontrolled genomströmningarna that we saw in the autumn of 2015. It would be politically very difficult to accept for member states of the EU, he says to TT.

the challenge

The major challenge will be the establishment and in particular the housing crisis, according to Morgan Johansson and the Swedish migration board.

– this year, the need of the settlements in the municipalities to be at its greatest. Our forecast for people who will need instruction is 26 500. We are aware that this is a big challenge for the individual municipalities that will require a well-functioning cooperation between the us and the municipalities. But our starting point is that we will apply the bosättningslagen, ” says Lindstrand Edge.

the Swedish migration board stresses that the absence of approximately 1.3 billion sek for the work to be “able to comply with applicable laws and regulations”. It is about the allocation of allowances to asylum seekers, municipalities and county councils including housing for asylum seekers.

More money

According to the Swedish migration board also required additional appropriations to finance the cost of återvandringsbidrag. Otherwise, the applications in the current year that need to be rejected. Also the allocation for public assistants need more resources about 258 million.

sweden democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson believes that the Swedish Migration board’s forecast shows that the government’s regelskärpningar been inadequate.

“In the current year is expected to 34 700 new applications to submit, which is almost equivalent to the population of both Rinkeby and Tensta,” he writes in a comment.

According to Åkesson, it says “The door is open wide open” still.



the board expects 25 000-45 000 asylum seekers this year. The work’s so-called planeringsantagande is located at 34 700 persons, which is 2 000 fewer compared with what the work expected in October. 2016 com 29 000 asylum seekers.

For the year 2018, the forecast is at 25 000-65 000 asylum seekers, but the work plans for the 35 000, which is 5,000 fewer than in the previous forecast.

The unaccompanied children are expected to be fewer. This year is expected to 2 400, and the next year 2 900.

last year, clinched the Swedish migration board 112 000 asylum cases. The goal for 2017 is to clear of the 105 000 decision. At the end of the year are expected processing time to be down to three-four months.

a Total of 83 900 new arrivals are deemed to reside in a municipality in the year, then count even those who arrange their own accommodation. At the beginning of the year was 27 700 persons who have received residence permits remain in the Migration board’s reception of asylum seekers, on the grounds that they have not been assigned to a municipality. The reason is the housing crisis.

Number of refusals being appealed in the migration court is the record number. Nearly 40 000 cases expected to be handed over in the year.

Source: The Swedish migration board



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