Friday, February 10, 2017

Murder in Långshyttan no hate crime, Aftonbladet

It is fully understandable that some see the murder in Långshyttan as an ideologically motivated hate crimes.

But the truth is another.

Normally it is the racist conspiracy theorists who plague my inbox with their equally eternal as incorrect litanior to Aftonbladet and the other media consistently pixels migrants and to publish the name and picture of the ethnic swedes.

In recent times have some people with some form of vänstertillhörighet heard of and brought that effect about the murder in Långshyttan.

It is not strange. Several of the people who today were convicted of involvement in the murder participated on may 1 last year, in a demonstration in Borlänge, sweden, nazi Nordic resistance movement arranged against the “storfinans and folkförrädare”.

NMR, which the Fbi considered to be the extreme right-wing organization that constitutes the biggest threat against Sweden’s inner security, is a party through the revolution to create a pan-nordic national socialist republic.

the Organisation has also called for violence against LGBT people. And the thing is that Madeleine was transsexual.

fighting over money

Why tell ye not that the killers are nazis, and if the victim’s gender identity? some readers wondered. Why blinds you a hate crime?

the Answer is that these circumstances do not seem to have the offense to do. Whether in the solid, completed pre-trial investigation or during the trial, there have been data that suggest anything other than that fight over money triggered the ohyggligheten.

And then, there is no press ethical reasons to publish the details. If it moved, if a hate crime had ideological affiliation, and gender identity have been obvious to talk about, but then they in this context is immaterial, as was customary responsibility of the media to publish them.

It is the exact same reasoning as a publisher of ethnic and mediehusens association TU in an ongoing ad campaign defends.

That I now still account for Madeleine’s gender identity is rooted at the publisher and depends on a single thing: It had been difficult to explain how Aftonbladet has resonated in this case, but to do it.

Unusually cruel

then What is there to say about Falu tingsrätt dom? Four of the defendants receive severe punishment for murder, from 12 to 17 years of imprisonment, and two sentenced to 10 years in prison for being an accessory to murder, was expected.

To a bunch of fooling a man to a barbecue, strangle her, stab her again and again, and then dumps the body in a flooded gruvtag is unusually cruel.

the district Court finds that the offence is kriminologiskt uncommon: as many as eleven persons who have no links to organised crime and in some cases not even convicted previously prosecuted for as this serious crime is undeniably odd.

the Court notes, moreover, that the defendants “apparently, to some extent, have lived in society’s shadow side and had the common interest, inter alia, to intoxicate themselves”.

It is a correct conclusion. Interrogation is not a cheerful reading. Page-up and page-down on a bunch of that for days on end super and knarkar in the seedy apartments and is constantly on the lookout for money to finance the addiction.

Now is not the motif crucial for a conviction, but the district court notes that several of the defendants were guilty of the Madeleine, what in an environment like this may be considered to be significant sums of money, and felt embarrassed that she wanted them back.

She had for some months been living with two of the people who were included in the mordkomplotten and the investigation has shown that her economy quickly utarmades.

Abuse, disability and money

Madeleine had a sickness benefit from Norway and the insurance money from a destroyed by fire summer home and the “friends” took the time at the time the interest-free loans by her. In the three months disappeared, according to a friend close to 300 000 sek and it was then that she put a stop that mordplanen took shape.

Abuse. Mental handicap among several of the defendants. Money. Madeleine, like some of them, was “tough”. The pieces of the puzzle are available.

But to fully understand how so many could be involved in the planning and implementation of this an abomination crimes, it is hardly possible for an outsider.


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