Friday, February 10, 2017

Who is it that actually prevail in the debate about Peter Knight? – Nyheter24

A post on social media that describes a polismans reality and frustration spread.

It contains information that is not to the advantage of immigrant people from the middle east and north Africa. It formed a group in support of this police officer who gets the 130,000 members in two days. If children, the elderly and all other people without Facebook so it should reasonably amount to at least a couple of percent of all potential members.

Established media gets wind of the post (Aftonbladet, Expressen, SVT), and so is the debate started. Or yes, skendebatten in all cases. For what is a debate, which is nothing other than a debate about the debate? It is almost painful to see how predictable the debate around Peter Springares post on Facebook become.

Established media panic over the that someone can get a hearing for anything on social media that does not agree with how they want reality to be or which in any way could benefit the extreme right, and then do their best to undermine the credibility and denigrate the person and his sympathizers, to the extent possible, try to quell the sakdebatt that could possibly occur.

This is done in the usual way by addressing the post as "populism" and "racism" (Expressen wrote something in the style of "Rasiststödet of Peter Steed"). As usual, it goes almost immediately to become a matter of who is racist and not, what a cop may say, and not what the common man should say and not how you should talk and not, rather than somehow try to bring clarity in the Peter Steed claims or to address the problem in itself; it is to say that immigrants from the middle east and north Africa account for an unreasonably high proportion of all crime committed in Sweden today, or whether this is the case or not.

It is a common remark from invandringskritiker that this is not a topic you can talk about in Sweden (even if it has been changed for the better in the last year, then the problem as well as tvångsmatats down the throats of those who have not wanted to talk about it in the past) and it is a common counter-argument from the left that "there can be particular of, it is the only thing that is being discussed!".

And definitely, the substance is on the wallpaper, but I don’t think really that the latter understood the meaning of the statement, if they seriously think that it is the "immigration on the agenda or not," the critics when they claim that the substance is not going to talk about properly. Rather, it is how the debate is conducted and how damn inappropriate and identitetspräglad the is, which are perceived as problematic and frustrating.

Where is the debate on culturally conditioned phenomena? Where is the debate about islam’s compatibility with the Swedish society’s fundamental values at all, and where is the debate on what the consequences are for our society when the man receives hundreds of thousands of people who throughout their lives have been characterised by the values islam advocates, for example, with respect to the role of women in a marriage or in society at all?

the Answer is that the debate does not exist, and as soon as it is lifted, it becomes a skendebatt; a debate about the debate. It has once again become strikingly clear how incapable a large part of Sweden’s established journalists is to pursue a politically independent and informed debate, how colored they are by their own political beliefs, and how cowardly they are faced with responding to claims that they believe are incorrect.

a journalist at Aftonbladet takes prevail in how the situation looks like in Sweden’s neighbourhoods and suburbs, in front of a police officer who has worked 47 years in Örebro, with Vivalla as a shocking example of failed integration, as well as a bunch of other police officers who joined this facebook group and represent the same thing, looks more like a parody of their own political correctness than anything else. And it applies not only to him, whose name I will not mention, but for large parts of the whole journalist-Sweden; also one of Sweden’s most respectable journalists, Janne Josefsson, attested.

The political and, above all, the media elite, the ones that almost everyone seems to have fitted in the same form, have put all their eggs in one basket. I understand that it is a difficult blow to their pride when they taken such a clear political position on an issue, only to time after time forced to defend this stance against the perception of large parts of Sweden’s population.

But to admit you have been wrong, in whole or in part, is a much more respectable force than to continue to deny the obvious problems, and these problems of origin. To quote the words of a certain George Orwell; "The more a society operating from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it". It is so clear that it is what is happening here, now, in Sweden, today.

Fredrik Thool


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