Saturday, February 4, 2017

Monkey after Annie Lööf – how to succeed as a politician – Aftonbladet

do you Want to be successful as a politician?
Imitate Annie Lööf, she knows how to do.

A colleague of mine described the atmosphere of The centre party kommundagar in Gothenburg as "lyrical". It takes quite a lot to an event of the nature to be portrayed in this way.

the Background to the hänförelsen is that it goes well for the Party in the polls. It is one of the three parties, the other is the Left party and The sweden democrats, which now have a higher support than they had in the 2014 election.

Annie Lööf the party leader of the Swedish people have the highest confidence for a variety of measurements, including Aftonbladet/Inizio.

Her recipe for success is fairly simple. A politician who wants to become successful can easily copy it.

1. Stand firm on what you believe in. of Course it will change if the reality changes, you can’t run the same infrastructure policy now as in the 1800s. But if reality is unchanged, it should take a lot to make lappkast.

Centre party Annie Lööf has kept to about the same issues and the same solutions in several years. They are, for example, for a rather generous refugee policy and does not want to cooperate with The sweden democrats.
Allianskollegan Anna Kinberg Batra (M) in both of these areas changed completely. Three weeks ago, would the Conservatives do not even talk unnecessarily with The sweden democrats. Now they want to negotiate. Abrupt changes of that kind doesn’t inspire confidence. They should be avoided for those who want to reap victories in politics.

2. Stick to a few issues. A party, of course, have a comprehensive policy for all of life’s vicissitudes. But all may not be as high priority.

Annie Lööf driver the following aspects in particular: the Countryside and the opportunities to live there. Jobs and employment. Decentralisation, in her collection called "locally produced". And what she calls the cleavage of Sweden, that is to say, the division between those who feel excluded and included.

It is good to stick to some priofrågor. It is one of the prime minister Stefan Löfvens problems that he does not do it, his most important issues vary depending on which week it is. It contributes strongly to the government’s policy appears to be diffuse.

3. Seem engaged. In his 30 minutes long speech on the kommundagarna got Annie Lööf several long applauses. To a large extent was due to the fact that she is engaged when she speaks. She seems like she thinks what she says is very important and it is necessary to infect others.

The mumbles or reads aloud from a medhavt paper engages not. Then can it be assumed that the response becomes cool or non-existent.

when was Annie Lööf commitment to "the cleavage of Sweden" between those who feel the priority and those who feel deprecated. It can apply to the countryside, but the feeling may also appear in the metropolitan regions nergångna suburbs.

Suspicion to be bortprioriterad leads to anger and hopelessness and, therefore, the whole of the country to live, argues Annie Lööf and allows, thus, that she really mean it.

more Difficult than it doesn’t need to be to succeed in politics. Yet it is quite many that are not capable of it.

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