Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The SD employee hanging out sentenced to Aftonbladet

Policy. is A new site hanging out of convicted criminals, with name, picture and social security number. In some cases, even victims of crime to identify on the image.

Behind the site is a person who works for the sweden democrats gruppkansli in the parliament. He also has a high position in the party’s new youth wing Ungsvenskarna, reports the Metro.

the Man who started the page, type in a comment to the Metro that he is “upset and sad” that many who commit serious violent and sexual offences “will come away with ridiculously low sentences.”

“I have Therefore, in the capacity as a private individual, registered a domain in which they are ridiculously low the level of sentences referred to are highlighted.”

Ungsvenskarnas president Tobias Andersson does not see any problems with the website.

– It is in line with our policy, so I see no problem with this initiative. He wants to highlight the absurdity of the judges, ” he says to the newspaper.



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