Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The police had to monitor several atms – Expressen

Atm’s in several locations in Malmö were guarded during Wednesday evening of polispatruller after the information that the people could take out thousands of dollars without coverage.

Later came the alarm from Gothenburg, sweden if to many people gathered outside the atms – which made the police got called in for monitoring, write SVT Väst.

– We will not be able to set polispatruller at every atm in the city. It will be physically impossible. This becomes an issue as the bank may resolve, ” says police spokesman Stefan Gustafsson, SVT.

the problem is due to a technical error on the part of Swedbank – which halted all atm withdrawals.

At 21 o’clock on Wednesday night came the alarm from Malmö that the police may monitor the atms that the information that the people should be able to take out large sums of money without coverage.

There have also been reports from other cities such as Stockholm.

the Same phenomenon shall then have occurred in Gothenburg, according to Swedish television, SVT. The police must first have followed the atms, and then have “given up” because, according to the police is a matter for the bank.

the 22-time announced Swedbank that it stopped all withdrawal for for those customers with debit cards. Those with debit and credit cards, however, should be able to use their cards.

” What I do know is that our customers with debit cards have since early in the morning not able to take out money from their cards at atms. As a consequence, when we have come into rättningsfasen, has a number of customers have been able to take out more money than what they had on their account, ” says Claes Warrén, Swedbank’s presstalesperson.

they Have taken out more money than is good for will have to pay back.

” All withdrawals that are made are registered. It has not gone out of money can’t be traced. Has overdrawn their account, you have to pay back the money.

the Hope from Our side is that the problem should be solved on the night of Thursday.

” Then shall all the functionality to be back on all the cards.

What amount of people have taken out, but to have coverage for it?

” I can’t comment on it. I’ve only heard word of mouth that it has gone wild in some places, ” says Claes Warrén.

When the GT reached the police at 22.30 o’clock on Wednesday evening and was not aware of any major problem in Gothenburg.

” Possibly we have guarded anyone before. The best information, the bank can provide. But I hope that the bank has off down the atm’s if they have problems, ” says Joakim Hansson, the duty officer at the police in the Western region.


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