Saturday, February 4, 2017

One injured in fire on Östermalm in stockholm – Aftonbladet

Emergency services snatched out to a fire at Östermalm, Stockholm, sweden, on Saturday.

A person has rökskadats according to the emergency services.

– It pushed out smoke through the windows when we were on our way there, ” says Håkan when he learned, ledningsoperatör on the Stockholm fire brigade.

Emergency services received the alarm about a fire in an apartment on Riddargatan, Östermalm in central Stockholm, at 16 o’clock on Saturday.

One person has been injured, according to police.

– A person has been loaded in the ambulance, ” says Eva Nilsson at the police regionledningscentral in Stockholm.

"we Do what we can"

According to the emergency services is the issue of smoke damage.

– A person is rökskadad and extraction of smoke, ” says Magnus Wallin, ledningsoperatör on the emergency services.

He describes the fire as fully developed.

– There is a fire in the apartment and we do what we can to knock it down. We believe at this stage that there is no risk of contagion but we do not know for sure, ” says Magnus Wallin at 16.30.

the Emergency services were also able to rescue several cats from the apartment. Djurambulans was summoned and in the meantime treated the cats by firefighters at the scene.

– There are several cats that have been in the apartment, which is bad. We hold on and give them oxygen. They are ill-appearing, but it seems that they are starting to perk up, ” says Åsa Dehlin, ledningsoperatör on the emergency services.

Multiple spontanutrymde

the Apartment is located in the ground floor of an apartment block.

Just before the 17-time announced the emergency services that the fire is almost extinguished.

– the Fire is extinguished, but now they are on to make sure that there are some glödbränder, ” says Åsa Dehlin.

A part of the residents to have spontanevakuerat, said police, who also are in place.

– We assist so that the emergency services can work in peace, with the traffic regulation and registration of those who have spontanevakuerat, ” says Eva Nilsson.

"Burned that only the"

the Witness Joel Persson happened to walk past the fire just before the rescue and ambulance services arrived at the scene. He tells the story in the Aftonbladet TV how he called 112:

– We saw the fire as only the. It was isolated to one apartment as it was burning quite strongly in the and the boxes were crushed. It was really strong of smoke, ” said Joel Persson.

he tells us how He and his girlfriend went into the property and knocked on doors to get people out of the property.

– We helped out an older couple who seemed quite shocked, ” he says.


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