Saturday, February 11, 2017

A arrested for triple murder in villa – Göteborgs-Posten

A man was arrested during Saturday morning on reasonable suspicion of murder after three men found dead in a villa in the south of sweden.

During Saturday morning arrested a man on reasonable suspicion of the murder of the three men who were found dead in a Villa in Skurup municipality, Skåne yesterday.

Police would not say if the man arrested in his absence, or give any more information about the deaths.

- It is a very fragile situation right now in the investigation and there are some circumstances that need to be explored further, ” says Kim Hild at the police in Skåne to the GP.

“In case there are suspicious circumstances which need to be sorted out and there is an ongoing investigation in order to clear out these,” writes the police on its website.

What happened to the police not to go into, and the event classified first as deaths with unclear circumstances. First, there was no suspicion of a crime and the police stated that they would knock on doors in the area to find out more.

the Police worked Friday to try to form an idea of what has occurred.

” We are working pretty wide now. To determine the cause of death is prio one, said Kim Hild to the GP on Friday.

on Friday, police announced on its website that the deceased would be brought to the forensic medicine for further investigation.


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