Sunday, January 15, 2017

Woman found dead – police chasing the offender – Aftonbladet

Neighbor: They looked cheerful and happy

A woman was found seriously injured in an apartment in Märsta during Sunday.

She later died of his injuries and a preliminary investigation on the murder was launched.

According to information provided to Aftonbladet chasing police a man in the age of 25.

– This is just very, very sad, ” says neighbor Annelie Gunnarsson to Aftonbladet.

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One large polispådrag have at 12 o’clock sent to Märsta after that, the police been alerted to it about a woman beaten in an apartment.

– We anträffar this person is damaged, a serious crime has been committed, ” says Sven-Erik Olsson, presstalesperson at the Police.

When the woman, who is in the 35-year-olds found she lives, but her injuries are so severe that she dies a short while later. Now suspect the police that the woman had been murdered.

According to information provided to Aftonbladet should the woman have been beaten up with a knife.

– We can’t go into the details, ” he says.

Searching by helicopter

so far there are no suspected of a crime, but the police chase a suspected offender in the age of 25, according to the data.

Just now searched the area include helicopter.

– We have a helicopter up in the air, ” he says.

According to witnesses at the scene several police cars, ambulances and helicopter at the site.

– It is a big go-around here with several ambulances and police cars. The past was the police away from the apartments and were awaiting but they stand outside of a stairwell, an eyewitness account to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Neighbor: "Is terribly"

the Apartment has been blocked off and police have sent their technicians to apartments in order to make an investigation of the crime scene and secure evidence.

Moreover, held interviews with individuals who might know something.

– We do reconnaissance and see if we can get in touch with the people who made vittnesiakttagelser, ” says Sven-Erik Olsson.

Annelie Gunnarsson lives in the same house as the woman was found in.

– I had just sent off the old man with the dogs to the exercise yard and was at home and cleaned up. He just got away before all the cops came. He called me then and said I would not go out.

Annelie tells that the apartment is been under renovation for a long time and that the woman who is now suspected to have been murdered have not lived in the house for very long.

"They looked cheerful and happy"

Earlier in the week, she met the woman together with a man.

– They were on their way into the elevator. I supposed they were a couple and they seemed happy and cheer together. There was no weirdness.

When Annelie on Sunday found out that someone in the stairwell suspected to have been murdered, she became very afraid.

– I instantly thought of who it could be. We have such an incredible cohesion here in the gate and is like a big family, ” says Annelie, who lived in the house for 16 years.

– This is just very, very sad.

another neighbor says to Aftonbladet that it is usually very quiet in the area, but that it has become increasingly noisier over the years.

– But I never thought that something like this could happen here. Certainly, people move in and out of but most people know each other here. It is terrible, ” she says.


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