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The photographer Lennart Nilsson is dead – bbc Radio

Received his first camera in 1933

Photographer Lennart Nilsson Photo: TT/Sveriges Radio, bildmontage

world-renowned photographer and filmmaker Lennart Nilsson is dead. He was 94 years old.

the Most famous he became for his medical close-up photography, which among other things resulted in the book “A child is born” which came in 1965, and where he became the first to photograph a live fetus inside the womb.

” I wanted to get close to life, and I remember when I was a young guy once, and I walked past a small puddle. Then, I saw life in the water puddle, and I thought then that this life is something of the most important that exists.

Then I began to think about how the image should be able to follow it here. And there I thought of in many years, ” said Lennart Nilsson himself, before his 90-year day, in a programme made by radio sweden Lena Nordlund.

Lennart Nilsson was his first box camera from his father in 1933, 11 years old. He started working as a freelance photographer in the mid-40s.

It was close-up photography that was to become his hallmark, where he with sophisticated tools could visualize the fetal stages of development, which among other things resulted in the book “A child is born” which came in 1965 and became a worldwide sensation.

His interest in the human internal, was a result of his reportage photography, ” says the tv producer, Mikael Agaton, who worked with many of the Lennart Nilsson movies. 1951 would Lennart Nilsson photograph of a doctor on the Sabbatesbergs hospital, in Stockholm, however, stuck to jars with human embryos on the doctor’s table.

Then he borrowed the home of the jars, and photographed them in good light. And it was a completely unlikely impact in the Life magazine, which sold out for the first time in the history of the world. On any given week, several million copies all over the world, ” says Mikael Agaton.

since Then Lennart Nilsson remained in the technical and scientific forefront of what can be depicted in our bodies. He has taken pictures of cancer cells and diseases, was one of the first that took pictures of the HIV virus. Lennart Nilsson received countless prizes for the pictures.

in 1976, he became the honorary degree of doctor of medicine at Karolinska institutet. One of the Swedish scientists who collaborated with him is Ingemar Ernberg, professor of tumor biology at the Karolinska institutet. To Lennart Nilsson not had any medical training was a benefit for the cooperation, ” says Ingemar Ernberg.

– There is a huge amount in it. He was not stunted by too much medical knowledge, but he could search forward to new areas and new challenges, ” he says.

Journalistsjälen, reportagesjälen, were combined all the time with a huge commitment, ” says Ingemar Ernberg, if the world-famous photographer Lennart Nilsson.

he Had come a question he wanted to answer, how did sarsviruset out, and how did hiv or house is what it looked like in the lungs of a person who had smoked a lot, then there were almost no obstacles that could stop him, ” says Ingemar Ernberg.

Facts: Lennart Nilsson

Name: Lars Olof Lennart Nilsson

Born:, 1922, in Strängnär

Career: Began freelancing for the Swedish prose, newspapers and magazines and See the Picture in the 1940s. Began to take an interest in close-up photography during the 1950s which among other things resulted in the books “Life in the sea” and “Ants”. Perhaps his best-known book, “A child is born” came in 1965 and in it he became the first to photograph a live fetus inside the womb.

Many of Lennart Nilsson’s articles have been published in the american magazine Life. He has also made several acclaimed tv program and a series of films for National Geographic.

1980 Was the first ever to be awarded the hasselblad award.

Source: TT


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