Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The turmoil within the Alliance: the group Leaders meet – bbc Radio

We are group leader in the alliance will meet in a week and then get the Moderates in pinpointing where they stand in this, and then we draw conclusions from it. For us it is obvious that we will continue to cooperate in the alliance, ” said Anders W Jonsson.

” So you continue a allianssamarbete even if the Conservatives that the Moderates want to negotiate with The sweden democrats on individual issues in the committees?

” For us it is obvious that we shall continue in the allianssamarbete but that the Centre party will not negotiate.

Anders W Jonsson has backed away from his statement from this morning, when he demanded that the Conservatives must choose what they want to work with in committees. Now, he stresses the importance of continuing allianssamarbetet but also says that it was not possible for the Centre to negotiate with The sweden democrats.
Earlier in the afternoon said Anna Kinberg Batra that she could consider to negotiate on individual issues. But the Centre party would in such a situation do not change a proposal to fit The sweden democrats, ” says Anders W Jonsson:

- It is the Moderates who gets to make the decision about who they want to talk to and negotiate with.

” If the Conservatives do make up with The sweden democrats on any single issue and then come to you with what they come up with, is it ok for you?

” We do not change foot depending on what The sweden democrats think.


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