Thursday, January 26, 2017

Suspected preparation to the abduction from the roof of the 17-storey building.


Police found repeleringsutrustning, handcuffs and cable ties suspected would be used to get into the apartment via the balcony.

By: Emil Berglund

On 02-time on the night of Thursday called a witness the police that she saw two men moving up on the roof of a 17-storey building on Serenadgatan in Malmö, sweden.

— Inringaren have seen two people run around on the roof. When the patrol gets there they find what is perceived to be expensive repeleringsutrustning, where the rope is laid over the roof and some are located in large trunks. In trunkarna you’ll also find something of handcuffs and cable ties. We suspect that the plan was to take down against someone, balcony and enter the house that way. Therefore, headlining we the event as preparation for the kidnapping, ” says Jerker Olsson, stationsbefäl at the police in Malmö, sweden.

Repeleringsutrustning used to with the rope climb or otherwise get down along with the walls, mountains or other vertical surfaces. The police suspect that the persons who had been up on the roof somehow made its way into the building, taken at the top of the house to have broken up the hatch to get up on the roof. It could also be noted when the patrol came to the place that the cover has been broken up. However, there were no people left on the roof when the police arrived at the scene.

When people are on the roof so you can see when it comes to a police car and it seems that they are taken down via some form of brandtrappa, ” says Jerker Olsson.

the Police have now secured the track on the spot and taken the items seized will be examined further.

Is there any threat against any accommodations in the house?

” Not like we have any idea of. But in preparation for the kidnapping is serious and if you find the handcuffs and cable ties, there is reason to put the headings, ” says Jerker Olsson.


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