Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alarm if the explosion was a firecracker – Göteborgs-Posten

Gothenburg an alarm if an explosion in an apartment on Hisingen alerted out the police, ambulance and emergency service during Saturday morning. But the explosion turned out to be firecrackers.

At 09.21 to the police in an alarm if an explosion in an apartment. According to the notifier, there should have been smoke from an apartment in Backa, Gothenburg.

- It is unclear what it could be, ” said Christer Fuxborg, presstalesperson at the police in the Western region at 09.30-time.

the Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly after half-ten, and had initially very little information on what happened.

” What we know is that it should have been heard the bangs, but so much more we don’t know right now, salarm – and ledningsoperatör at the emergency services Storgöteborg at 09.30-time.

At 09.40 informed the police that it’s probably not an explosion, but that it is all about the firecrackers.

- It will smoke from a balcony, and there are remnants of the firecrackers. Then is there a firecracker on the outside, which is not detonated. It looks to be a prank, and the emergency services are to withdraw forces, ” says Christer Fuxborg.


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