Friday, January 27, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance day: “We must never forget – but our responsibility is here and now … – Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

When Göran Persson 1999 introduced the commemoration of Holocaust remembrance day, it was so that we not would forget. But “…if this may you tell” relating to nazi atrocities with the “final solution”, the jews ‘ destruction as the culmination of evil. The initiative also resulted in a book with the same name, which our Swedish högstadielever had to take part of.

memorial Day on 27 January is an official day of remembrance of holocaust victims. The date of the largest extermination camp Auschwitz was liberated, in 1945. Since 2005, it is also the UN’s official day of remembrance.

We shall tell you and not allow ourselves to forget. Of history shall we learn, therefore, “may we tell you”.

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the Various minorities that did not fit the nazi ideology, were also subjected for their atrocities. But the eradication of a people, the jews, was the nazi “final solution”.

If the jews give up their jewishness and lived more German than the germans themselves but it was then discovered a jewish heritage, down to the third generation led, were the extermination camps the final station. When the nazis eventually prevented in his cut-throat was around six million jews dead, 1.5 million of them children.

If we just stay in and horrified nazism, but that we examine and illuminate our own time and our own society, becomes a day of remembrance possibly something nice. But to someone more useful will be it is not.

If we do not see and understand that the ideology behind the anti-semitism and the constant change it’s shape and can occur in the innocent facades, so we repeat only förkrigstidens anti-semitic tendencies. Our responsibility is here and now, for our time and for our society.

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