Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A lot of anxiety in the moderate party now” – the Flame


– Either Anna Kinberg Batra, been run over or has she changed line.
It says Aaron Etzler, party secretary of the Left party and the author of the book Reinfeldteffekten.
It was in the last week that Anna Kinberg Batra announced that the Conservatives were prepared to trap the government with the sweden democrats ‘ support. Immediately afterwards was the Centre of a press conference where Annie Lööf, announced that it did not intend to be with and present a joint alliansbudget before the election, and (C) will not sit in a government with the SD or with the SD’s active support. Later pronounced even Jan Björklund support for the Centre line.
Why the Conservatives move will come right now is unclear. But Aaron Etzler stated that it is a hard pressed the party that is much weaker now than a few years ago. The conservatives have probably never been in a situation where they have lost the initiative to a party that stands to the right of them. At t he same time, they lose also the voices of the Survivors.
– It is a very clear conflict in which different parts of the lot are drawn in by the various competing parties. You end up in that situation, so gets the feeling that the party lacks a core.
– There is a lot of anxiety in the Conservatives now. I’m not so sure that this initiative is governed by a few calculations. It is not clear that there is so much more behind than the one that is visible, a wing who doesn’t mind to reign with SD and another who abhors the idea.

the Reluctant M-leaders

the Conservatives strength during Fredrik reinfeldt’s leadership was that it had the political initiative in, for example, the debate on exclusion. It was the party leadership of the bourgeoisie and Fredrik Reinfeldt, was seen as the most credible prime minister.
– Anna Kinberg Batra is on the way to lose all those things. They have lost the political initiative, she wins not förtroendematchen against Löfven and for me it seems as if she is losing the Alliance.
Aaron Etzler believe that the Conservatives move was a miscalculation.
– To split the Alliance, I think, are not appreciated by their constituents and not risking to put the country in the crisis of the executive.
at the same time, he points out that there have been a few polls ago utspelen and therefore is difficult to determine how they lift.
– But to me it seems as if M made a slip-up. It was there when the Centre party went out and announced his position.
According to the Annie Lö� �f to the other ruling coalition parties had agreed to have received a text message the evening before the Conservatives press conference. This suggests a rusty allianssamarbete, says Aaron Etzler.
– I immediately get the vibes of how Mona Sahlins and Lars Ohlys relationship was. To provide this type of decision via text message indicates a low confidence, or that Anna Kinberg Batra been run over.
Anna Kinberg Batra has previously said that she is prepared to cooperate with SD.
– It seems to me as if this was a choice in the gallows for her. Whether it is her hand that is available on this decision or if she lost votes so it’s not her original line. I think looking at her that there is a political leader who is the right reluctant. It is not so much of Anna Kinberg Batras political projects which are being implemented. It is also a huge weakness for a leader, ” says Aaron Etzler.
– It is serious is to normalize a extremhögerparti that actively cult ivates hatred and myths about immigrant and opponents. Expo describes quite accurately as "a milestone for the Swedish extremhöger". The conservatives will help the SD.


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