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Fewer complaints about discriminatory advertising – financial times

Advertising. It is made fewer complaints about sexist advertising. But it is still it which usually is notified.

According to the foundation Reklamombudsmannen, the number of complaints against sexist advertising has fallen significantly in recent years.

– Before: over 200 notifications per year. Now they are at around 150. We can also observe that there are fewer notifications per campaign, not a few years ago, then a campaign could get hundreds of notifications, ” says Elisabeth Trotzig, Reklamombudsman.

Last year’s most reported campaign, a underklädesreklam for the brand Calvin Klein, received a total of 18 complaints against themselves. The design of the advertisement was irrelevant to the products themselves that could be sold, argued RO. The ad was when a girl “was produced as an object and used as an eye-catcher”, and when the campaign was deemed offensive to women in general.

“Hope advertisers understood”

– It is difficult to say what it depends on. Of course, we hope that the work we do has made to the advertisers understood that this type of advertising is something that consumers don’t want, ” she says.

another change is that slightly more sign advertising where it is not clear that it is about advertising. It is a phenomenon that has become more frequent in pace with the internet’s and social media’s emergence.

– the Percentage has doubled in the past year, even if it is small talk. Maybe it is because it is not so easy to report precisely because they do not understand that it is advertising, ” she says.

But she believes that the recent years precipitates of the famous bloggers such as Blondinbella, Misslissibel, can lead to more attention and reports the confusion between advertising and information.

– There is a new phenomenon and I think there is a big knowledge gap. But the decision that has been made has received considerable attention, there has been a debate and this, I believe, leads to that people look at it in a different way, and perhaps register, ” she says.

Foundation Reklamombudsmannen, was started by the advertising industry to promote self-cleaning. Nevertheless, the discussions on the legislation continued and an investigation is for the moment working on the issue.

“Become a habit”

That there are fewer complaints about sexist advertising does not necessarily mean that advertising has become less sexist, ” says Gunilla Jarlbro, professor of Media and communication studies, Lund university.

– The most likely is that we have become so accustomed to seeing sexist advertising that we no longer see it, and fail to notify. That we to man’s reason a bit like “that is life”.

She says that even though the industry has been overcome with the most sexist advertising is the today global which means that what is visible on the reklamtavlan is determined elsewhere, outside of the Swedish borders.

– Then hanging it on the industry in the country, the advertising done is responsible or not, ” she says.



Individual or company may notify the advertising to Reklamombudsmannen (RO), which is a foundation. They examine advertising from the International chamber of commerce rules.

the Ombudsman considers whether advertising is misleading, discriminatory on grounds of sex or nationality, for example, offensive or if it is unclear if it is advertising.

2016: 515 notifications to the RO which resulted in 256 cases and 100 convictions.

2015: the 586 notifications, 250 cases, 94 precipitates.

2014: 664 notifications, 305 cases. 119 precipitates.

2013:649 notifications, 267 cases, 103 convictions.

2012: 500 notifications, 254 cases, 89 precipitates.

2011:1001 notifications, 275 cases, 84 precipitates.

Sweden has no law against sexist advertising, like the other nordic countries.



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