Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The centre party holding the border against the SD” – Today’s Society

Sweden needs to be a new leadership. A leadership that takes hold of the challenges ahead, which looks to the challenges and deliver pro-active policy to transform them into opportunities. A leadership that dares to renew the Swedish model and understand that small businesses are the major jobbskaparna. A leadership that not only talks but shows the ability to take action.

the Road to this new leadership is not through disorder and general chaos. The way to achieve this is not through active support from, or negotiations with The sweden democrats. We stand firm in our message to not make ourselves dependent on The sweden democrats to be able to take over the government.

a the basic difference between us human beings and in view of which way Sweden will go. The sweden democrats are pointing out that people from other countries that are in trouble, to reduce Sweden’s openness, and quit our country to the world. This will the Centre not to set up on.

the Road to new leadership of Sweden, reaches through to regain people’s trust. By showing that together we can offer a better future for Sweden and the Swedish people. Therefore, the need of the Alliance continue the initiated alliansresan, where we make common political move, which leads to Stefan Löfven loses the election in 2018.

We need to design a common picture of what it is that we want to accomplish if voters give us the chance to regain power.

dislikes as Stefan Löfven and his government engaged in, why are you then not a chance and throw out the government? The question pops up from time to time.

the Truth is the Centre party was fully prepared to do this. When vänsterregeringens first budget fell and the Leaves threatened with extra options and was set on that as would be the case. We began to prepare us for a new campaign. Other parties in the Alliance, however, was not as willing to again face the electorate so soon. Therefore, it became nothing of it.

However we neither then or now prepared to take power with the help of The sweden democrats. We are not prepared to cooperate with The sweden democrats on individual issues. What is now described as the "talk" about the policy with The sweden democrats may not be perceived as something other than that, there is talk of negotiation. For any other type of "call" could it be about? We are not interested in the type of "conversations" with The sweden democrats.

faith The sweden democrats without conditions and influence would release a alliansregering is also very naive. If the Alliance is not larger than the three red-green parties will be very dependent on The sweden democrats. Such a situation we do not want to put us in.

not the road to success for Sweden. It is not a path to success for the Alliance. It is a pathway to the disorder and general chaos. The way we do not want to take.

this also regional and municipal. When Anna Kinberg Batra makes his move, it also means that she says that it is okay to "talk" in municipalities, county councils and regions. For some, it can certainly be tempting. In particular, after the last elections, there are plenty of municipalities where it has been difficult to form a majority. But such a development would be very unhappy.

Forecasts Sweden’s Municipalities and County councils are clear – the coming years will be financially very tough. Then what is needed is political stability. There is nothing that we achieve by leaning against us or negotiate with The sweden democrats.

Why we must be clear. We "hold the border"! It should not "conversed" with the SD.


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