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Merkel and Leaves criticises Trump – financial times

Policy. the Government rolled out the red carpet for German chancellor Angela Merkel when she came on the Visit. Both she and the prime minister Stefan Löfven took sharply away from the Donald Trumps contentious inresestopp to the united states.

At a joint press conference called Stefan Löfven, the president of the decision for the deeply unfortunate and counterproductive. Even Angela Merkel deplored the travel ban for citizens from seven muslim countries.

– combating terrorism does not justify going against an entire ethnic group or people with a particular religion, ‘ said Merkel.


The German chancellor has played a central role in many EU crises of the last few years. She stepped forward and took command to keep Greece in the euro and she has been a spider in the web during the refugee crisis. After Donald Trump’s victory in the u.s. presidential election puts many of its hopes to Merkel as the liberal world’s defenders. She herself has dismissed such hopes that they are “grotesque and absurd”.

During the pressträffen with Leaves and Merkel praised both the good German-Swedish relations. In sweden, these have become even more important since the Uk decided to leave the EU. Then lost a close ally and the Swedish government must now work harder to build new and old alliances. And at the top of the wish list is a close relationship to Germany.

Life after brexit

Although Merkel is concerned about an EU that acts as one of the largest members is about to leave.

– We regret, of course, the outcome of the british referendum, but now, it is important that we (the countries that are left) work together so that we will have continued good relations with the united kingdom, said Merkel.

If only a few days, Löfven and Merkel to meet again, then at an informal EU summit in Malta’s capital, Valletta. They will among other things speak about the future after brexit and the impact on EUROPE of Donald Trumps policy.

another key focus of the summit will be the commission and then, with a particular focus on the migrants trying to reach Europe via Libya. For while the migratory flows to Greece almost completely stopped since the settlement with Turkey, so there has been no decrease in the number who drown in the Mediterranean on the way to Italy or Malta.

Legal routes

because of the fragile security situation in Libya, and that it is, in practice, any government has to negotiate with, the preconditions for the cooperation totally different compared with Turkey. Merkel stressed, however, that there already are various projects, such as the training of the libyan coast guard, and now it also becomes important to support the political developments in Libya.

– But we must also give people the opportunity to come to Europe legally, so that they do not seek refugee smugglers, ” says Merkel.

Sweden and Germany has shown a united front in the issue of refugees during a longer period of time. But now the cooperation will be deepened even more in order to be able to turn through a new asylum system for the EU in the spring.


Angela Merkel’s visit

Met at Arlanda airport by centres and the minister for innovation were appointed Mikael Damberg.

Met the king and queen at the Castle in the morning.

Had a working lunch and press conference with prime minister Stefan Löfven in a Comment.

Attended by the prime minister in a seminar at the Royal Swedish academy of engineering sciences (Iva), which both gave a speech. The theme was “Innovation and collaboration for a sustainable future”.

Source: The government offices of sweden



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