Monday, January 30, 2017

Found dead in Göteborgslägenhet – suspected murder – financial times

A man in his 30s has been found dead in an apartment in Gothenburg, sweden.

Two men who were in the apartment were taken by the police and suspected initially of the murder.

Misstankegraden is the lowest, according to police.

At 10 o’clock on Monday alerted the police and ambulance to an apartment in the area Jättesten in the Gothenburg.

suspicious circumstances

A dead man was found in the apartment and the circumstances are according to the police, are unclear.

– When we get there so there is a deceased person in the apartment. There are two other people there and we can not rule out that something criminal is behind, ” says Hans Lippens, press officer at the police in the Western region.

The two men who were in the apartment were taken by the police for questioning.

"They will be heard about what’s taken place in the apartment in connection with the death", writes the police.

Doctor examines

Both of which are initially deeply suspicious of the murder, or alternatively, involuntary manslaughter. They both are not apprehended, and misstankegraden is low.

– the Apartment is known by the SOS, and thus also known to us from the past. We have entered the headings as murder or manslaughter, or alternatively involuntary manslaughter in order to get peace and quiet to be able to hear the two who were in the apartment, ” says Hans Lippens.

Doctor has been sent to the apartment to examine the body. It will later be sent for forensic examination to determine if any crime is behind the killing.

According to His Lippens are no obvious external injuries on the body, and no suspect weapon should have been found.


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