Monday, January 30, 2017

Great disturbances in the spårvagntrafiken – Göteborgs-Posten

Gothenburg A person was hit by a tram at Marklandsgatan in Gothenburg in the morning. About an hour later, a further a person having been hit by a car, at the main Station.

Police, rescue services and the ambulance was alerted to the scene just after 06: 30 am in the morning. A person must have been hit by the tram.

” She has been touchad of the tram, and has ended up on the side. She was up on the legs nah’r the ambulance came, but they investigated her, said His Lippens, police presstalesperson in the Western region, at half past seven.

Major disruption to tram services

According to Västtrafik resulted the accident in that several lines were suspended and delayed during the morning.

just Over an hour after the first accident, came the alarm that another person has been hit by a tram in the centre of Gothenburg.

Hit the Station

Shortly before half past eight came another alarm if a hit person at the central Station.

- A person should be hit by a car, we are on our way there now, ” said Jenny Widén, police presstalesperson in the Western region, at 07: 30 on-time.

According to Västtrafik was the complete shutdown of tram services in both directions at 07.30-time. Just before 08-time began the traffic to roll again, but major delays are to be expected due to the long queues.

- A person has been hit by a car and is on the way to the hospital now, more than that, I have not, said alarm and ledningsoperatör at the emergency services in the Storgöteborg in the morning.

the Police announced at 08.30-the time that the person that has been hit, a woman, ara mildly damaged.


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