Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Man critically injured after a house fire – Aftonbladet

a man and A woman have been hospitalized after a house fire in the county.

the Man should have received burns and is critically injured, according to the county council.

– They were in direct connection to the villa when we arrived, ” says Joakim Åberg for emergency services.

Just before 10 o’clock alerted the police, emergency services and an ambulance to a house fire in a town in Blekinge. Where they were met by a completely in flames villa.

– Two people were in direct connection to the villa with the damage that I can’t assess, ” says Joakim Åberg, räddningschef in readiness.

Helped each other out

the Fire shall, according to the emergency services have started upstairs.

And the people, an elderly woman and a man in his 60s, should have helped each other out of the house.

– They were both in the house and have taken out with the help of each other. On the one hand, to have helped the other out, ” he says.

Man critically injured

Both have been with the ambulance to the hospital.

According to police, the woman is a smoker’s disease and the man burns.

– But I can’t say anything about the skadeläget, ” says Johanna Persson, presstalesperson at the police in Blekinge, sweden.

Just before the 15-time announced the county council that the location of the man was critical.

the Villa was completely destroyed. According to the police suspect no crime in connection with the fire.


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