Monday, January 30, 2017

The government will require tough background checks for the ‘ yes ‘ to Russian concerns – financial times

Karlshamn municipality can say ‘ yes ‘ to store the pipes to the Russian gas pipeline in the morning.

But already in the evening to meet the government, which requires tough control of port operations in order to approve it.

– We can’t stop this deal at your own hand, but in this way, we can live with it, ” says a government source.

According to Swedish Radio’s data earlier in the day, government done in the issue of Karlshamn the ability to let the Russian gasprojektet Nordstream 2 store related to the planned gas pipeline in the municipality’s harbour.

According to initial information, the government considers no longer to work can be classed as a security risk. This is because the substrate used to make its decision lacked important ingredients, like Karlshamn, sweden already has an extensive traffic with the Russian merchant. Later in the day said, however, Peter Hultqvists press secretary that the government has not changed the attitude to the store.

Has developed a compromise

Aftonbladet’s sources, clarifies and stresses that "the government is not at all like" the project in Karlshamn, sweden. But mean while, you can’t run over the local self-government and that it therefore has developed a compromise to be presented to the Karlshamn kommunledning in the evening.

According to sources, the company, together with a number of separate authorities, analyzed the issue in depth and found a solution that allows one to "live with a ” yes" from Karlshamn, sweden.

− We have received the authorities to analyse the security situation and take action, ” says a government source.

It is, inter alia, to set tough requirements on the municipality regarding both the security Police as the armed Forces ongoing to be able to make checks of the work in the port and those who work there.

A explanation to look differently at the work of Karlshamn, compared with the previous desire to rent the port of Slite on Gotland to Russian interests depends on the nature of the work to be done there. In Karlshamn, it is basically to load and unload pipe with the Swedish staff, and not as in Slite, to rent out the port in two years.

Jobs and miljoninkomster

Karlshamn kommunledning shall during the afternoon meet with minister for foreign affairs Margot Wallström and minister for defence Peter Hultqvist. According to the Echo will the government’s notice to be there.

How to Karlshamn finally determined by the city council there, which makes his decision in the morning. Previously hamnbolaget in Karlshamn is estimated that the project could provide many new jobs and revenue of around sek 100 million. Behind the Nord Stream are the Russian Gazprom, which is owned by the Russian state.


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