Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The defense exposed large cyber-attack: “Seriously” – Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: TT

the armed Forces has been recently subjected for a cyber-attack that forced the agency to shut down its övningssystem Caxcis.

” I can confirm that we have had an incident linked to the current system. The armed forces have until now closed down the system. Any further action is not something that we comment on, ” says Philip Simon, editor-in-chief of the armed Forces, to Today’s News.

the armed Forces confirms that there is is all about "outside influences", but would not comment on when the cyber-attack occurred or if the prosecutors or Police involved in the case.

press secretary Philip Simon would not comment on how the closure of the övningssystemet affect the upcoming exercises.

– It is a system for övningsplanering. It has, therefore, not with our operational ability to do so, but all forms of impact of our system is seriously, ” he says.

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