Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gunfire on the Nydala – injured man to the hospital.

A man has been hospitalized after a suspected shooting near Nydalatorget. According to the police officers at the scene the man should have been shot in the calf at a park area.

Shooting at Nydalaparken next Nydalatorget.Image: Patrik Renmark

Several patrols alerted to the Nydalatorget in Malmö at 13 o’clock on Wednesday. Callers to the police control center told us about a bullet injury.

On the spot found polispatruller a man in his 20s with a sårskada on the leg. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital for care.

” He was awake and talbar. But I know nothing about skadeläget, says Jimmy Modin at the police control center.

Shooting at Nydalaparken next Nydalatorget.Image: Patrik Renmark

Several polispatruller is on-site to speak with witnesses.

— to do an investigation, ” says Jimmy Modin.

What do you know about the shots as shooting?

— The only indication we have is that he is reported to be a bullet injury.

Has the injured man have been able to provide any data?

” I can’t answer. In the first place, he needs to care for his injury, says Jimmy Modin.

the 14-time had the police blocked off a gräsområde and parts of the interconnecting bike path behind the Coopbutiken. A vapenhund searched through the site in search of cores, in the initial stage, none such have been found.

Police techniques documented the suspected crime scene and picked with the subject in bevispåsar, among other things, a packet of cigarettes and a can of energy drink.

Shooting at Nydalaparken next Nydalatorget.Image: Patrik Renmark

According to information from the police officer on the scene, the man has been shot in the calf. He should have stated that it happened in the amphitheater on the lawn, but otherwise been economical with information.

About fifty metres from the alleged scene of the crime is Nydalatorget which was full of people during the afternoon. None of the people who Sydsvenskan spoke with at the site during the afternoon, had noticed the shooting. The green area is, however, surrounded by high-rise buildings with a good view over the amphitheatre.

No one is yet arrested and according to police classified the case initially as aggravated assault. At 14:30-the time was a work to reduce the surface area of the cordon area.

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