Thursday, January 26, 2017

Attefall: “Not the Bear I know” – Expressen

Previously, the civil and the minister for housing Stefan Attefall (KD) appointed Fastighetsverkets director-general Björn Anderson who now sits arrested suspect for aggravated breach of trust.

” I’m shocked. It is not the Bear I know, says ex-minister.

Stefan Attefall is closely following press reports about korruptionsskandalen within the national Property board.

It was he who appointed Björn Andersson as new director general of the authority in July 2014.

“He had a good reputation both in the department and on the national property board,” says Stefan Attefall.

After the revelations in TV4′s “Kalla Fakta” says the former civil and the minister for housing:

” I’m shocked, honestly. It is not the Bear I know. I am surprised and shocked that it’s been able to go so far.

He says it doesn’t have got any indications of doubts within the national Property board during his years as a minister.

” No, we had no such indications. We discussed with Bjorn when he took over as DG how to streamline operations further, and he was completely inside that you needed to do more. He seemed to see opportunities to do more.

” I have not received some rumors that something was not right, and it’s strange because I still talked with many of the board of directors and the management there. It should have come up with something.

According to Stefan Attefall, it is now important that everything that has taken place at Statens Fastighetsverk screened properly.

– There is a need for a real investigation and all the paperwork needs to be up on the table, ” he says.

at the same time, he observes:

” I am very surprised. But I have also learned that it is only when investigations are complete, that you have the complete picture. Now, I can only say that I am shocked over what has occurred.


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