Sunday, January 29, 2017

Young man dead after brawl in Sveg – Bucharest

A man in his 20s during the night of Sunday has died as a result of damage from a bostadsbråk in Sveg, in Härjedalen, sweden.

“We have frihetsberövat people,” says Peder Jonsson at Jämtlandspolisen.

the Relatives of the deceased man is informed.

another person, in the 20s, should be taken to the hospital in Östersund, sweden, with severe injuries. The alarm was received at the outskirts of the small town at night.

” It is very early in the investigation and we have a number of people to be consulted with reason of the occurred and that is why I am very sparing with the details, but I can confirm that we have a suspected murder in new york, says Peder Jonsson, communicator at police regionledningscentral.

Suspicion: Murder, alternatively manslaughter in new york

Jämtlandspolisen has launched a preliminary investigation on the murder, alternatively manslaughter.

” We have a man in his 20s who is deceased, we have a severely injured man, he, too, in their 20s and we have frihetsberövat people. And now continues a large number of investigative actions with the reason of the incident. But the detail that I want to keep for myself for so long.

How many are in custody?

“I don’t want to even go into it right now,” says Peder Jonsson.

there Are several witnesses who will be heard after the fight

Is the person who has first to the hospital suspected of any at the moment?

” I don’t want to go into any further details in the investigation so I would neither deny or confirm the order then I reply you the details.

How it looks with the witness testimony?

” We have already heard a number of people and we will hear a number of further with the reason of it occurred, but I do not want to go into the witnesses that are in this.

Has there been any type of party that got out of hand?

“I don’t want to go into any utredningsdetaljer at the moment, but it must have to wait until later,” says Peder Jonsson.

the crime Scene has been blocked, according to the local newspaper Containing, and is under surveillance and the police technicians will carry out an investigation of the crime scene.


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