Sunday, January 22, 2017

Germany to ban MOTORCYCLE gangs brands – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden Germany has now decided to totalförbjuda motorcykelklubbarna the Hells Angels, Bandidos and Gremiums within the country’s borders, it writes Ekstra Bladet. “Ryggmärksförbudet changes are not guaranteed the criminal documents”, says the party Die Linke, who voted against the bill, according to AFP.

the German bundestag, the federal body that enacts the laws, has now decided to ban the three motorcykelklubbars ryggmärken, it writes Ekstra Bladet.

In the bundestag was the christian democratic CDU and the socialist SPD voted for the proposal, while the left party Die Linke voted against.

“does not Change the guaranteed”

According to the CDU and the SPD, it is an important step in the fight against organised crime. However, motsätts of Die Linke.

“Ryggmärksförbudet change is not guaranteed to be the criminal documents, they are carried by persons related to motorcykelgängen,” said the party in a statement to the AFP news agency.

the Hells Angels and Bandidos are affected

The motorcykelklubbarna more specifically, the Hells Angels, Bandidos and Gremium. In the future, it is therefore be absolutely forbidden to be worn their ryggmärken in Germany.

the Amendment will, by reason of a judgment from 2015. Then, it has been concluded that the back patch was not prohibited, if the department had a geographical connection in the name. In this way, there was a loophole in the previous rules. It has now been closed again the door.

In Germany there are some states that have totalförbjudit some of the relevant club departments altogether. At the federal level has motorcykelklubben Satudarah totalförbjudits.


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