Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Merkel’s day with Löfven in Sweden – Aftonbladet

Stefan Löfven and Angela Merkel is deeply concerned about the u.s. travel ban, which also affects european citizens.

At a joint press conference hit Video: fixed:

– This is completely unacceptable and the wrong way to go.

German chancellor Angela Merkel during his Visit to meet with both representatives from government and the royal family, by king Carl XVI Gustaf and queen Silvia of sweden.

Together with prime minister Stefan Löfven she is holding right now a press conference. The prime minister began by paying tribute to his German guest.

– It is a great honour to welcome her to Sweden, said Löfven and subsequently turned directly to Merkel, and said:

– I appreciate your leadership and your friendship.

Quickly became Stefan Löfven to talk about the importance of a "strong, coherent and principled" of the EU. And he also talked about the challenge that the entry ban as AMERICA’s newly elected president, Donald Trump has introduced, means. He marked against the decision with the words:

– this is liable to increase tensions and create distrust between the people. This is everything else than good, ” says Löfven.

Löfven also determined that Sweden and Germany will continue to cooperate in important questions, for example concerning the situation of refugees in the world. In addition, the two countries decided to cooperate on innovation to create new jobs.

– It is essential for competitive countries in the world, ” says Löfven.

Angela Merkel thanked, in turn, Stefan Löfven that he welcomed her to Sweden. She stressed that the two countries are close to each other and have a good relationship.

– Politically, we are close to each other, ” she says.

Not least when it comes to asylum and refugee issues, she said that countries are close to each other. The issue has been up in the conversation between her and the prime minister and will dominate the next EU summit in Malta later in the week.

The american travel ban was also up for discussion. Both Merkel and Löfven stressed that Trumps decision is "deeply troubling" and the wrong way to go.

Merkel stressed the importance of the new partnership for innovation.

In the afternoon, the two heads of government hold a speech at the German Swedish Tech Forum on Östermalm, stockholm.



Minister for enterprise, Mikael Damberg receive chancellor Angela Merkel when she comes to Sweden.


Angela Merkel will travel to the Royal palace and received by the king and queen.


Prime minister Stefan Löfven receives Angela Merkel for talks at Rosenbad. The heads of government will hold a joint press conference.

From around the clock 14 keeps Merkel and Video: speeches at the German Swedish Tech Forum.

Source: the Government.see


Merkel is Europe’s hope – against his will


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